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Others: How to volunteer

posted 8 Sep 2015, 23:18 by Gary Low

Dear Members & Devotees




In line with our aim to create an inclusive Buddhist Community in Palelai Buddhist Temple, we are inviting you to register as volunteers. We are looking for friendly and compassionate volunteers who would volunteer their time and effort with joy.


Currently, the Board of Management is on a Volunteers Registration Drive.  We are calling all existing and potential volunteers to register yourself with us.  Volunteering work aids in your spiritual cultivation through serving the Triple Gems and benefits  all sentient beings.


The aim of this Volunteers Registration Drive is to manage and match volunteers to their areas of interest and expertise.  In order to be successful with the aim, we appreciate all members and devotees to fill up the form and revert it to the office.  Please tell us which area of volunteerism you most preferred to be involved in.


Together we can make Palelai Buddhist Temple into a sanctuary for Buddhist community.


Attached is the Volunteer Sign-Up  Form.


Thank you for your time in completing the form.


"Life is short. Possessiveness brings grief.  Freedom comes from abandoning any sense of mine" - Sutta Nipata.


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!



With Metta


Gary Low,
18 Mar 2016, 21:14