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Since the early days of Wat Palelai, our founder, Phrakru Prakassa Dhammakhun (fondly known as Luang Phor – Venerable Father), ensured that the temple discharged its social responsibilities by organising visits and making donations to welfare/charity organisations. Wat Palelai continues to honour this tradition. There are three main initiatives as outlined below. 

These activities are managed by the temple's bursary and PATHS subcommittee. For more information, you may contact us via phone: 97767159 or 64433324, or via email: 
They welcome volunteers to help with the activities, on a long or short term basis.

The Palelai Assistance To Household Scheme (PATHS)

Through the Palelai Assistance To Household Scheme, the temple provides aid to those in the community who are in need, such as families with low or no income, or families with members who are afflicted with critical or long-term illnesses. 
Depending on the need, the temple may help the family with food aid or services, such as with house moving.

Applications are to be made through the official Palelai Assistance To Household Scheme (PATHS) application form, which may be obtained from the office of Palelai Buddhist Temple.

The Phrakru Prakassa Dhammakhun Bursary Award

Luang Phor strongly believed in academic and religious education. In view of the generosity of our founder, Luang Phor, and out of gratitude for his kindness to Singaporeans, a Bursary Award was established by the Executive Committee of Palelai Buddhist Temple in his name.

The aims of the Bursary Award are:
  • To render financial assistance to needy students who perform well academically.
  • To recognise the good academic performance achieved by these students and to spur them to greater accomplishments within the community.
Application & Selection Process

Application is open to all students regardless of race or religion. A maximum of two applications are allowed per family. The applicant must be attending a government, government-aided school, junior college, ITE, polytechnic, or special school in Singapore. Some other eligibility criteria applies. Please obtain more information and the official application forms from the office of Palelai Buddhist Temple. 

The Application open around August/September and Closed in September/October each year. The results of application will be announced by the end of October/Mid-November each year. The Bursary Award ceremony will be held at Palelai Buddhist Temple in end of November. 

For the actual opening/closing dates of the application please look out for official announcement at the Palelai Buddhist Temple notice board or our website. 

The selection shall be made by the Busary and PATHS Sub-committee, based on considerations such as the income of the applicant's family, academic performance and conduct of the applicant.

Charity/Rice Pagoda day

Rice Pagoda (Chedi Kao San) is a traditional North Eastern Thai practice of dana (giving and sharing). At Wat Palelai, it is celebrated together with our Annual Charity Day. In 2006, for example, the temple donated $80,000 to 10 charitable organisations and homes.  As part of the celebration, a ten-course lunch was provided for our guests, the inmates of the homes.  On top of provisions of sugar, oil, biscuits, beehoon, salt, and toiletries, our members and devotes donated a total of 20+ tons of rice which were distributed to the charitable organisations.   The 10 beneficiary organisations in 2006 were:
1)   Society for the Aged Sick
2)   Metta Welfare Association
3)   Man Fut Tong Nursing Home
4)   Mindville @ Napiri
5)   Sree Narayana Mission Home For The Aged Sick
6)   Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
7)   The Spastic Children's Association Of Singapore
8)   Thong Teck Home For Senior Citizens
9)   Ren Ci Hospital
10) The Singapore Association Of The Visually Handicapped

For more about Charity Day, view here.

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