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Retreat Rules & Regulations

The following is a list of Retreat Rules & Regulations. Retreat Rules & Regulations are necessary to ensure a conducive atmosphere for meditation throughout the retreat. We therefore request the compliance of all participants.
  • No smoking or consumption/possession of alcoholic drinks or illegal drugs.
  • No trespassing of designated sleeping areas at any time.
  • Keep the premises, e.g., bathrooms, classrooms, etc., clean at all times.
  • Observe Noble Silence except at Q & A sessions.
  • Please practice in accordance with the instructions.
  • No distribution of pamphlets, CD’s, books, etc., without the approval of the organiser.
  • Be punctual in all activities, e.g., meals, lecture, Dhamma talks, Q & A’s, etc.
  • The organiser is not responsible for the theft or loss of any valuables that have been brought
  • into this retreat.
  • Clothing should be comfortable to allow easy movement of the body and limbs but not
  • revealing. It is recommended that a round neck or collar shirt with sleeves, and ¾ length or
  • long pants be worn at all times.
  • All handphones and pagers are to remain switched off during this retreat.
  • Do not play any CDs, cassettes, etc., at any time during this retreat.
  • Be mindful in all activities: walking, eating, brushing your teeth, washing, etc.
  • Inform the retreat administrator if you are not feeling well.
  • Ensure that your medications are taken as normal.
  • Do not leave the retreat without valid reasons and without informing the retreat
  • administrator.
  • All stores issued must be handled with care.
  • All stores are to be returned to the retreat administrator upon the end of the retreat.
  • There must not be any mention of sensitive topics such as race, religion or politics.