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Meditation Sessions and Classes

Here is an overview on the Meditation sessions and classes one can look forward to at Wat Palelai. Do check the announcement board for recent updates on sessions and classes.

Meditation is key aspect of Buddhist practice/living and the temple hosts meditation sessions and retreats quite regularly - these may or may not be guided meditation sessions. There are also classes that instruct attendees on the practice as well. Meditation sessions and courses are usually conducted as a series, typically on weekday evenings, lasting about 2 hours each. Each meditation course spans about 10-15 sessions. Occasionally, there are also retreats which are usually one-off.

Group Meditation Sessions

You are most welcome to join the group meditation sittings sessions (self-practice) on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7.30 pm, at the Chedi Dhammasathit building, held in the 3rd Floor Meditation Hall.


Structured Meditation Course 

Mr Sebastian Wong has been meditating for more than 30 years, and have been conducting these meditation courses at our temple since 1991. Usually, there is one course run per year targeted at the beginner. Classes are usually will be held on Thursday evenings, 7.30pm to 9pm. Announcements will be made prior to course run for registration.
This course is aimed at all who would want an insight into how the Buddha’s teachings, specifically Buddhist meditation, can be applied to their daily lives to manage their stress arising from pressures of work, family, ill-health, loss of loved ones etc. Attendees do not need to have prior knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings or meditation training as the course is structured to introduce Buddha Dhamma and breath meditation in line with the teachings of the Forest Meditation tradition of Thailand.

Instructions will be given in English and will include applying the Buddha’s instructions on breath meditation, development of peace of mind, and cultivation of discernment (wisdom). The course is free of charge and attendees are advised to come in comfortable clothes (loose pants, light shirts). As the monastery is a sanctuary for celibate monks and the practice of modesty and restraint of the senses, ladies are kindly requested NOT to come in shorts (bermudas are acceptable), low cut blouses, or other revealing clothing.

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Meditation Retreats

Wat Palelai periodically conducts retreats, sometimes by visiting monks. Devotees are welcome to participate. Please refer to the sub pages that archives the programmes of some retreats held in the past so that you may derive an idea of what to expect.  Details of upcoming retreats can also be found in our main page.