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Daily Dana (Food offering to Monks)

DSC04025Buddhist monks depend on the support of well wishers for their four requisites of robes, food, shelter and medicine and Buddhist monks in turn provide spiritual guidance and advice to lay supporters. Also, these acts of benevolence gives lay supporters the opportunity to acquire merit that results from their kind intentions.

The giving of material things (amisa-dana), for instance, to support bhikkhus, to give to the poor, starving and so forth. There is no lack of opportunity to practice this in our over-populated world. And Buddhists who have enough of this world's wealth, enough of clothes, food, shelter and medicine which are the basic necessities for life should practice dana bearing in mind that what is given away is truly well preserved while what is kept is wasted. The practice, running counter to the worldly way of craving and attachment, is very important in the present materialistic civilization with its emphasis upon gain and accumulation of possessions. Nothing much can be done in Dhamma until one is prepared to open one's heart and one's hands to others.

Daily Dana Session - the offering of Food at Wat Palelai

The temple organises daily Dana session (the offering of food) where the lay people bring food to the temple to offer as alms to the bhikkhus. This observance is held at 11 am at the Chedi Building Dining Hall.
The variations in the kinds of food offered are in keeping with the meal habits of the Buddha and his monk-disciples, who refrain from taking solid food and milk-foods after mid-day.

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