Phra Ajaan Suchart Abhijato Dhamma talks via Skype 2014

The meditation interest group of Wat Palelai organised  a series of meditation, Dhamma, and question and answer sessions with Phra Ajaan Suchart Abhijāto, Assistant Abbot, Wat Yannasangvararam (Wat Yan), Thailand, an English-Speaking Forest Meditation Master on 4 Nov - 9 Dec 2014, Tues evenings. This was done over Skype.

This page presents the materials collected over the 6 sessions. There were about 60 attendees at each sessions. Over the 6 talks, 95 questions were posted altogether.

Videos/Audio of the sessions

04 Nov 2014

11 Nov 2014

18 Nov 2014

25 Nov 2014

02 Dec 2014

09 Nov 2014

Background/Original Announcements of event

Downloadable Transcripts of Sessions

A transcript of the sessions were made and compiled into a book. It is available for downloading here: