d. Song Kran (Apr)

Songkran, traditionally a Thai New Year Day which falls on 13 April 11, was celebrated with special elation in Chiang-Mai province, Thailand, and became a three day carousel of merit-making, socialising, and good-natured water throwing.

On deeper insight into this occasion, it promotes social bonding between family and friends. An opportunity to release personal stress and tensions.  Do let your hair down and have a happy Songkran 2011.

Devotees who wish to come and celebrate the water-throwing festival on this Thai New year day, be prepared to get wet.

However, Cisco guards will be deployed on 13th April 2011 from 9.00am to 6.00pm to control the crowd.
This year the temple will hold a one day celebration on 13th April 2011.

The resident monks and executive committee welcome you and your family to join us in the celebration.

6.00am        Morning chanting
11.00am       Offer of lunch (Dana) to the Venerables
2.00pm        Matika chanting
2.30pm        Water-sprinkling ceremony on Venerables
6.00pm        Evening chanting