g. Rice Pagoda/Charity Day (Sep)

Rice Pagoda (Chedi Kao San) a traditional North Eastern Thai practice of dana (giving and sharing) was celebrated together with our Annual Charity Day. In 2006, for example, the temple donated $80,000 to 10 charitable organisations and homes.  As part of the celebration, a ten-course lunch was provided for our guests, the inmates of the homes.  On top of provisions of sugar, oil, biscuits, beehoon, salt, and toiletries, our members and devotes donated a total of 20+ tons of rice which were distributed to the charitable organisations.   The 10 beneficiary organisations in 2006 were:
1)   Society for the Aged Sick
2)   Metta Welfare Association
3)   Man Fut Tong Nursing Home
4)   Mindville @ Napiri
5)   Sree Narayana Mission Home For The Aged Sick
6)   Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
7)   The Spastic Children's Association Of Singapore
8)   Thong Teck Home For Senior Citizens
9)   Ren Ci Hospital
10) The Singapore Association Of The Visually Handicapped

On Rice Pagoda Day, 27 Sept 2009, the programme was as follows:

9.30 am

President to light Candles and Joss-stick

Observing the Five Precepts, Chanting of Parittas

Offering of Rice to the Sangha

Transference/Sharing of Merits

10.00 am

Cheque to Homes

11.00 am

Dana (Offering of lunch) to the Sangha

  1.00 pm

Distribution of rice and provisions

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