j. Memorial Day or Founder's Day (Dec)

Phrakru Prakassa Dhammakun (fondly known as Luang Phor) was born on 6th April 1923 in Buriram province, Thailand. He undertook novice ordination in the Buddhist Sangha at the age of 16 and received higher ordination in 1943. He started his missionary work upon completing his studies at the Mahamakut Buddhist University in Thailand. This took him to the Southern provinces of Thailand (Songkhla) and the Northern parts of the Malaysia peninsula. He first arrived in Singapore in 1960 and took up residences at Wat Ananda Metyarama in Jalan Bukit Merah.

In order to effectively spread the Buddha’s teachings to Singaporeans, the late Venerable decided to start up a temple of his own. This marked the beginning of the Palelai Buddhist Temple in Singapore. It was on 3rd April 1962 that Luang Phor and another Thai monk founded our temple. The temple was first housed at Poh Huat Road.
Over the course of time, Palelai moved to larger premises in order to accommodate the growing numbers of members and devotees. It was first moved to Jalan Nipah and subsequently to our present location at Bedok Walk. From the new premise, under the guidance of Luang Phor, events of the Buddhist calender were celebrated regularly. The Sunday Dhamma classed and Tuesday meditation sessions were also conducted regularly for the members and devotees. In addition, the temple helped to propagate Dhamma by inviting visiting monks to give Dhamma talks, holding meditation sessions and printing Dhamma books for free distribution.

Luang Phor passed away on 22nd December 1996 in Bangkok, Thailand
and in view of the generosity of Luang Phor and our of gratitude for his kindness to Singaporeans, a Bursary Award was later established by the Executive Committee of Palelai Buddhist Temple in his name.

The temple will be conducting a memorial service to commemorate the 12th Anniversary of Luang Phor’s passing away.

On behalf of the Resident monks and Executive Committee, we would like to invite you, your family members and friends to join us in this meritorious deed.

The programme for the event in 2008 was as follows:

 9.00 amPinapata (Alm Round)
 9.30 am 
Commencement of Memorial Service

Lighting of candles and joss-sticks by the President , Palelai Buddhist Temple

Venerating the Triple Gems/Observing the Five Precepts.

Chanting of Parittas (Protective Verses) and Matika by the Maha Sangha

 10.00 amShort Dhamma talk by a member of the Maha Sangha

Short address by the President, Palelai Buddhist Temple

 11.00 am Dana Offering to the Maha Sangha
 11.30 am Lunch for members and devotees  (Vegetarian buffet will be served)