b. Lunar New Year (Feb)

Usher in the Lunar  New Year with Us!
Hoist the Merit Lanterns!

As part of our annual practice, we will be arranging for the hoisting of “Merit Lanterns” in homage to the Triple Gems as part of the Lunar New Year Celebrations.   The lanterns will be hoisted in the main shrine from the start of the calendar year. Donation for each lantern is S$50/ and the donor’s name will be written on a name tag to be attached to the lantern for hoisting. Donors who wish to bring the lanterns home may collect their lanterns after the Lunar New Year, upon showing the receipt of donation at our administration office. All proceeds will contribute towards the maintenance our Temple and support its activities..


Members and devotees who wish to support our "Merit Lanterns" project can approach our administration office. Please do not hesitate to contact us @ 64433324 should you have any queries.

Lunar New Year celebrations!

Wat Palelai welcomes devotees to join in the Chinese New Year celebrations on the eve of the New Year. There will be a chanting session and dhamma talk : leading attendees to mindfully begin the new year.

Details will be announced.

May you and your family be blessed with Long Life, Beauty, Happiness, and Success in all endeavours!