i. Kathina Day (Oct/Nov)

Kathina Day (offering of Rains Residence Cloth/Robes)  

This event is celebrated to mark the end of the three months rains residence retreat ("vassa" in Pali or pansa" in Thai) and is the day on which the members and devotees get the opportunity to offer a set of robes or robe cloth to the Sangha.
Kathina day
The origin of the ceremony dates back to the 25th year after Lord Buddha's Awakening (Nibbana) when he undertook the rains residence at the Jetavana Grove, near Savatthi in the Kingdom of Kosala in India.  On one occasion, a group of 30 monks from Saketa paid a visit to Lord Buddha to listen to his discourse.  They were drenched by the rain and muddied during their journey as it was during the rainy season in India.  As they did not have spare robes, they were unable to change their robes prior to seeing Lord Buddha.  The lay supporters who were present took pity on them and requested Lord Buddha to make an allowance for the monks to be offered new robes.  Henceforth, Lord Buddha allowed the observance of the Kathina ceremony whereby lay supporters were allowed to offer robe cloth to the Sangha for them to cut and sew into new robes.  This has to be carried out within the day itself and in Buddhist countries, it is a very important and joyous meritorious event at the temples.  As there are many temples within each country/region, the temples are allowed to hold the Kathina ceremony during the one month period following Devo day (see above announcement).   

For 2010 Kathina Day, our Resident monks have selected the 7th of Novemeber 2010, to celebrate Kathina.  The day's programme of activities is given in the table below.  In adherence to tradition, our temple will be buying a bale of white cloth and three full sets of robes to be offered to the Sangha.  Members and devotees who would like to contribute to the purchase of the cloth and robes, are welcome to do so at our main shrine or our administration office.  Cheque donations will also be accepted and they should be crossed and made payable to 'Palelai Buddhist Temple".  Please kindly state "Kathina Day 2010", your name, contact number, and the return address to enable us to send you an official receipt.  All cheques are to be mailed to our temple at 49 Bedok Walk, Singapore 469145. 

The Resident Sangha and Executive Committee cordially invites you, your family, and friends to join us in this important merit making ceremony.




Pindapata (Alms collection by the Sangha in our temple compound)

09.30 am

Opening ceremony by President/ lighting of joss-sticks and candles.  Requesting for the refuges & precepts and chanting of parittas (protective blessings).

10.15 am

Offering of  the 3 main robes and bale of white cloth to the Sangha

11.00 am

Offering of lunch ‘Dana’ to the Sangha

12.00 pm

Members and devotees partake of vegetarian buffet lunch

2.00 pm

Sangha to conduct the Robe Changing ceremony*


*Time is subject to change.  Please await announcement on that day