h. Devo Day (Oct)

Devo day is observed to commemorate Lord Buddha’s return from a visit to the Tavatimsa heaven to teach Abdhidhamma (Higher Dhamma) to his deceased mother and the other devas (three months after he had gained enlightenment) as an act of gratitude to her.

On this day, our resident monks will perform  the "Devorohona ceremony (re-enacting Lord Buddha's descent from the heavenly realms down to earth, accompanied by the retinue of devas) to recive alms from members and devotess gathered in the compund of our temple.

The Resident Sangha and Executive Committee of the temple cordially invite you, your family, and friends to join us in this merit making event.  The program for Devo Day 2010 is given in the table below.



09.00 am

Pindapata (Alms round by the Sangha)

09.30 am

President to light joss-sticks/candles, followed by the requesting of the refuges & precepts, and chanting of the parittas (protective blessings).

 11.00 am

 Offering of lunch dana to the Sangha