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Annual Festivals and Events

Every year, the temple hosts a series of annual events and festivals. This section aims to provide some background on these events.

Please note that there are three main types of events (3rd column): Buddhist, Cultural, and Temple Activities.

Buddhist festivals are held on significant days of the Buddhist calendar. They mark either the anniversary of an event that happens in the Buddha's lifetime or important dates that are related to monks' activities.

Cultural festivals are those that are special because of the culture of the people. For example, Lunar New Year and Thai New Year. Typically Buddhists visit the temple on such these special days to perform their Buddhist duties.

Temple activities are events that are initiated by Wat Palelai, e.g. for purposes of charity. 

*Note: Pindapata refers to the offering of alms round (such as dried food, medicine) to the Maha Sangha (Congregation of monks).

化缘: 供养干粮与药物给予僧.