Do good, Avoid all evil, Purify your mind. 
This is the Teaching of all Buddhas. 

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Rice Pagoda & Charity Day (27th September 2015 Sun)

posted 1 Sep 2015, 01:00 by Wat Palelai

Dear Members and Devotees                                                                                


This year Palelai will hold the Rice Pagoda & Charity Day on Sunday 27th September 2015.  The Event Organiser (EO) for this event will be Mr Steven Aw.

 The temple will lay the rice foundation of the pagoda on Thursday 3rd September 2015.   All are welcome to build up the rice pagoda.  Donations can be made in cash or kind.  You may make cash donations at our Administration Office.  Receipts will be issued for cash donations and all  donated rice and provisions will  be distributed to various charity homes.


On behalf of the Resident Monks and Management Committee, we cordially invite you, your family and friends to join us in performing this meritorious deed.


“May the Triple Gems guide you and your family always”.



Yours in the Dhamma



Ajahn Dtun dhamma tour (28 - 30 Nov 2015)

posted 9 Aug 2015, 18:13 by Wat Palelai

Phra Buddhamangala - Amulet part of SG50 celebrations (9 Aug)

posted 29 Jul 2015, 05:31 by Ju-Lyn Lee   [ updated 29 Jul 2015, 06:24 ]

The event programme can be viewed here.

Asalha Puja Day (30 Jul 2015, Thurs)

posted 16 Jul 2015, 02:14 by Wat Palelai   [ updated 18 Jul 2015, 19:15 by Gary Low ]

Dear Members and Devotees                                                                                    


Palelai Buddhist Temple will be celebrating Asalha Puja Day on Thursday, 30th July 2015, followed by the Buddhist Lent (Khao Phansa) on Friday,  31st  July 2015.


This day commemorates the important event where the Sangha was first formed.  The Buddha accepted his first five disciples after they listened to the Buddha expounding the First Discourse, The Wheel Of Life (Dhammacakkhapavattana Sutta) at the Deer Park in Isipatana on the full-moon day.


A candlelight circumambulation will be held after the evening chanting, followed by the commencement of the three-month rain retreat the next day.  During the retreat, the Sangha will stay in the monastery to practise Dhamma and meditation.  The rain retreat (Vassa) will end on Tuesday,  27th October 2015.  The Event Organiser for this evening is Kanya Yeo.


The Resident Monks and the Board of Management invite all members, devotees and your families to join us in the following meritorious activities.





30th July


06.00 pm

Evening chanting / Observing of 5 precepts

07.30 pm

Candle-light Circumambulation followed by chanting of            Dhammacakkapavattana  Sutta  and Parittas.



May The Triple Gem Be With All of You Always



Yours with Metta

Celebrating SG50 in a uniquely Buddhist way (1-10 Aug 2015)

posted 8 Jul 2015, 22:27 by Ju-Lyn Lee   [ updated 8 Jul 2015, 22:28 ]

Mass ordination of 50 Bhikkhus to Celebrate SG50 (1 to 10 Aug 2015)

posted 4 May 2015, 19:02 by Wat Palelai   [ updated 10 Jun 2015, 23:58 ]

Dear Members and Devotees,

As part of our temple's unique way to celebrate our Nation's 50th Anniversary (SG50) and also to transfer merits to our Nation's founding father, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, we will be organising a mass ordination of 50 Bhikkhus (Buddhist Monks) - the first mass ordination of the Thai Theravada Tradition Bhikkhus in Singapore. This event will provide you with the opportunity to come forward to be a fully ordained monk.  At the same time, you will get the opportunity to study and practice the Dhamma (Teachings), Vinaya  (Bhikkhus' Discipline), and Meditation. It will be an enriching experience of the Buddhist monkhood and the cultivation of the spiritual path that is filled with merits.

This short term ordination will be for the period from 1 to 10 August 2015. The acceptance criteria are as follows:
1) Male
2) Nationality : Singaporean preferred   but others nationalities are also welcome to apply,
3) Aged 20 years and above,
4) Healthy, and
5) Must be Buddhist.

All the requisites for ordination i.e. the robes, bowl, and other Bhikkhus' requisites will be provided by the temple. There will be no registration fee.

 Due to overwhelming response, the registration is closed.

With Metta,
Palelai Buddhist Temple

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