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2019 Chinese New Year's Eve Programme Detail

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New Year's Eve & New Year's Day Event

posted 26 Dec 2018, 18:18 by Wat Palelai

Dear Members & Devotees


Palelai Buddhist Temple will be conducting a 

special New Year Eve countdown on Monday,  31st December 2018.  

There will be a special chanting by the Sangha and a blessing to all to welcome 2019.


The programme for 31st December 2018 and 1st January 2019 is attached.


May the Triple Gems guide you and your family always.  

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Memorial Day 2018

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Daily Evening Meditation

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Kathina Day

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Kathina Ceremony


The Kathina ceremony is celebrated once a year after the conclusion of the Vassa (Rains Retreat). Traditionally, it starts from the day after Devo Day and continues for the whole month. This year our Resident Monks had selected Sunday, 11th  November 2018 to commemorate this meritorious and joyous occasion. During the Kathina ceremony, on behalf of the members and devotees, the temple will make formal offering of robes and other requisites to the Maha Sangha.

The ceremony could be traced back to the 25th year of the Lord Buddha's Enlightenment. A group of thirty Monks from Saketa were journeying together with the intention of spending the Vassa with the Lord Buddha at Jetavana Grove near Savatthi in the Kingdom of Kosala, India. However, the Vassa started before they could reach the destination and had to stop travelling.

Immediately, after the Vassa the Monks continued with their journey to Jetavana Grove near Savatthi to pay their respect to the Lord Buddha and listen to his Dhamma. As it was still raining and by the time the Monks reached their destination, they were all exhausted and drenched. Their robes were worn down. Lady Visaka, who was at the monastery saw the condition of the Monks and had requested the Lord Buddha to accept her offering of robes to the Monks. Lord Buddha consented to her request. Since then the Kathina Ceremony is observed every year.

The Event Organizer (EO) for this year's celebration is Sister Chong Jia Zhen.

Donations for the Kathina Ceremony can be made at our administration office with official receipt issued.

We are pleased to announce that several food stalls will be set up to serve food to all members and devotees from 7.00 am.

The Resident Monks and the Board of Management cordially invite you, your family and friends to join us in celebrating this meritorious and joyous occasion.

May the Triple Gems guide you and your family always. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

NOTE: Please refer to the attached image for the program.

Devo Day

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 OK PHANSA marks the end of the rain retreat for the Sangha on Wednesday, 24th October 2018. 

 On Thursday, 25th October 2018, the temple will celebrate DEVO DAY  in memory of the return of Lord Buddha from the realm of Tavatimsa  where Lord Buddha spent his 7th rain retreat after Enlightenment  to expound the Abhidhamma to His mother, Queen Maha Mayadevi.

 On this very day, the Resident monks will perform the DEVOROHANA ceremony and Pindapata (Alms round) in the temple compound.  Members, devotees and well wishers may offer food and daily requisites to the Sangha during the Pindapata.  The Event Organiser (EO) for this event is  Bro Kanya Yeo.

 The Resident monks and the Board of Management cordially invite you, your family and friends to join us in this meritorious event.

 May the Triple Gems guide you and your family always.


25th Oct 2018


09.00 am

Pindapata (Alms round)

09.30 am

EO to light incense stick/candles and follows by requesting of five precepts / Paritta chanting.

11.00 am

Offer of lunch ‘Dana’ to the monks

Dhamma Tour - Luang Ta Siri

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9.30 a.m. Morning Dana at Palelai Buddhist Temple

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2018 Rains Retreat (Vassa Programme)

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Morning Meditation Session : 4.00 am - 5.45 am
Morning Chanting Session : 6.00 am
Temple Area Cleaning: 7.00 am - 8.00 am (followed by pindapat)  

Notice: Change of Email Address

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