Buddha Metta Project

The Dhamma village for people from all over the world to practice meditation in a peaceful, caring and harmonious environment.


                               THE BUDDHA-METTA PROJECT


 The Buddha-metta project is an original and innovative project set up by the forest sangha in North East Thailand aimed at providing a unique chance to ‘live in the Dhamma’ .

 It will create a special kind of community in which lay people can freely interact with the bhikkhu sangha to learn from and support each other in developing the dhamma.


 Why has this project been set up ?

 It has been initiated to meet the needs of people seeking to fully understand and practice the Dhamma by living in a Buddhist community in which the lay sangha and the bhikkhu sangha can freely interact. In Thailand the temple system often makes it difficult for visitors to meet with and learn from the monks. This project aims to overcome this difficulty.


 As well as offering a unique environment for the development of meditation practice, the project offers a way of directly encountering the Buddhist way of life and a chance to interact with the local community.


It will also have the effect of enriching and strengthening life in the Dhamma for the local villagers and visitors from all over Thailand by providing opportunities for meditation practice.


 The project will also sponsor community projects and international exchange for school children and university students.


Special features of the Buddha metta project


It will become a place for people from all over the world to practice meditation in a peaceful, caring and harmonious environment.


It will also provide a meditation centre which has a family atmosphere in which individuals, groups and families can stay to develop their meditation practice, chanting and understanding of the dhamma.


Ajahn Sudhiro or other English speaking monks and invited teachers will be available for meditation instruction, teachings and discussions.


The project will provide opportunities to work with the local community  and be involved in providing dana for the sangha and to experience going on alms round with the bhikkus.


Environmental projects such as organic fruit and vegetable gardens, rice paddy fields and tree planting are an essential part of the whole concept.


The location of the Dhamma village is in an area of strong, natural power in the Loei province with caves, a lake and forests conducive to the development of a peaceful mind and wisdom.


There will be a Dhamma Sala (meditation hall) and ten houses for accommodation surrounded by a landscaped forest.  


 What is the Dhamma village like?

Individuals and families can stay a house in the  pure natural atmosphere centre of the landscaped forest.   Each house is two stories in a Thai style , with two bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom living room , bathroom, small kitchen and dining area on the ground floor. There will also be a main public kitchen for the preparation of food . It is hoped that the organic fruit and vegetable gardens on the property will supply all of the food required  together with the monks alms round.  However, people can also purchase their own food to cook in their own kitchen and contribute to the community by offering dana food to the monks.


A Dhamma Sala (meditation hall) is also being built in Thai style using a very strong and beautiful teak wood.  This sala hall will be the centre for many activities such as dana offerings, chanting, Dhamma teaching and meditation practice.


How can you help and support this project ?

 In order to continue with the creation of the Dhamma village including the land , road access, pool houses, library, Dhamma sala, main public kitchen, toilets, power electricity supply, communication and internet systems financial donations, small or large are very welcome.


If you are interested in sponsoring the building of a whole house, the cost is £15,000. The sponsoring of individual rooms is also possible at £5000.


When the Dhamma village is created there will opportunities to help and support by offering voluntary work to the community.


If you would like to have more details and be kept up to date about  the Buddha-Metta project and or make a donation please contact us.


 To find out about the current state of the  Buddha-Metta project  contact venerable Phra Chaowaphit Sudhiro at the following address  rightview@hotmail.com or website: www.rightview.org