Waterworks upper pond
Welcome to the website of the Families at the Waterworks Fishing Club

Cast a line, not a stone!

The Club operates the top pond of the Waterworks as a catch and release trout fishery, by agreement with Belfast City Council.

Families at the Waterworks Fishing Club was founded in 2001 and is a cross community club, committed to participating in the ongoing regeneration of the Waterworks and surrounding neighbourhoods. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others for the benefit of all park users and the surrounding communities.

The two ponds of the Waterworks Park were originally constructed in the 19th century, as reservoirs to serve the population of Belfast, but they ceased operating as working reservoirs as the city expanded. The Waterworks became a public park in the 1950s and the ponds were filled in at this time, with the consequence that the fishery is relatively shallow (about 4-6 feet deep for the most part).

The Club regularly stocks the water with rainbow trout, averaging 2lbs, although double figure trout are caught from time to time. The fishery also contains roach, bream, and pike. Pike fishing is restricted to Sundays during the winter (see club rules). 
DCAL's Inland Fisheries section has for a number of years been a strong supporter of the Club's activities, particularly our focus on involving more young people in angling.Last year, Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has approved funding for a new fishing cabin for the Club. This is a tremendous boost for the Club, as it will finally allow us to make use of the Club's boats. It will also serve as a base for our community activities: young anglers' competitions, fun days, etc. This year (2014) DCAL and Sports NI will, in addition, be providing us with a new Wheely Boat, capable of seating up to eight disabled anglers.

This unique fishery affords both local and visiting anglers an opportunity to enjoy urban trout fishing right in the heart of North Belfast.

19 February 2015, 7.30pm in the Survivors of Trauma centre, 151 Cliftonville Road.

New Members welcome!