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Water Policy News

Read June 2015 Water Policy News

June 2015 Feature: 
'WREN Awards $19,000 to Four Partnerships for Drinking Water Protection Projects in PA'

The Water Resources Education Network (WREN) Project, a project of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund (LWVPA-CEF), has announced that four (4) community partnerships across the Commonwealth have been awarded a share of grant funds totaling $19,000.

Funding will support two County Source Water Protection Collaboratives in Venango and Berks Counties; and two local coalition projects: the Capital Region Water collaborative for drinking water protection for the City of Harrisburg; and Creswell Heights Joint Water Authority in Beaver County, that serves the boroughs of South Heights and Ambridge, and Hopewell Township and Crescent Township. Each partnership plans to educate community stakeholders about ways to protect public drinking water sources from pollution and address improved emergency response coordination to potential contamination events.

Other Topics

          • WREN Grants in Action: Allegheny and Westmoreland Conservation Districts collaborate to create first-ever Stormwater Guide for Southwestern PA
          • New Partnership with PA Manufactured Housing Association allows WREN, DEP to bring the safe drinking water message to a whole new ‘mobile’ community
          • More 2014-2015 WREN Grants in Action – Tioga County and Indiana County Conservation Districts take the lead in creating videos focusing on clean water
          • Test Your Water Smarts: Take this Water Quiz to see how much you know about protecting water
          • Stroud Water Research Center continues to inspire with innovative tools and projects for monitoring the waters in PA
          • Ode to a Septic Tank – A humorous look at a serious source of pollution
          • Public Policy Corner
          • Funding & Grants
          • Ah, Summertime…Seasonal thoughts from the WREN Team
          • Plus Webinars, Videos, Resources, Quick Links, Reports, and Events

Read Spring 2015 Water Policy News

Spring 2015 Feature:  'The Accidental Pioneer - Carol Paul's Route to the Greenville Water Authority' by Lynda Ginsparg.  
Also:  Pipelines, Planning and Water:  'Planning Strategies and Regulatory Concepts for Water Resource Protection' by Jerry S. Walls, FAICP.  

Other Topics

            • 2015 WREN Grantee Meeting – Join Us and Help Grow the Clean Water Movement
            • Augmented Reality Sandbox Allows Students to See Three-Dimensional Topographic Maps in Real time ... and Even Make it Rain!
            • The Children's Water Festival is Returning to Pennsylvania Bigger and Better Than Ever!
            • EPA Build Your Own Aquifer Tool Teaches Kids How to Keep Drinking Water Safe
            • Pharmaceutical Disposal Update
            • Public  Policy Corner
            • Funding  and Grants
            • Plus Webinars, Videos, Resources, Quick Links, Reports, and Events

February/March 2015 Feature:
'Red Lion Roars in as a Leader with Actions to Preserve Healthy Drinking Water' by Lynda Ginsparg   In this issue of Water Policy News, we continue our series spotlighting source water protection efforts by Pennsylvania water systems.  This month, we profile the Red Lion Municipal Authority in York County, PA, which jumped in early and has gone beyond legislation to protect the community’s drinking water.

The Red Lion Municipal Authority (RLMA) in York County decided early on that it would take things to the next level by building on the findings in the water system’s Assessment Report and turning them into a full-fledged Source Water Protection program.

The RLMA has been “forward thinking” in its approach to protecting its drinking water system, working hard to include key stakeholder groups, such as the agriculture community and emergency responders, to ensure that everyone is aware and on board with the efforts to preserve a healthy drinking water source for more than 24,000 consumers.

Other Topics

          • Still Time to Apply for a 2015 WREN Source Water Protection Collaborative Grant
          • Raindrop to River Conservation Carnival Helps Capital Region Capture National Award
          • What if a Spill or Contamination Event Happened in Your Community?  WREN's Director Kollar Weighs in on the Ways to Take Action to Safeguard Water Supplies during Upcoming Webinar March 18
          • It's Almost Here - 2015 Watershed Congress Brings Together Advocates for Protecting and Restoring Local Streams
          • Get Ready for the Great American Clean-up of PA
          • Pennsylvania Welcomes Two New Secretaries as Stewards of the Environment
          • Concerned About the Impact of Coal Mining in Your Community? Now's the Time to Make Your Voice Heard! Public Comment Opportunity on the Latest Act 54 Report is set for March
          • Pubic Policy Corner
          • Funding and Grants
          • Plus Webinars, Videos, Resources, Reports, Quick Links and Events

    Read January 2015 Water Policy News

    January 2015 Feature: 
     2015 WREN Grant Round Now Open!  
    The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund through its WREN Project (Water Resources Education Network) is pleased to announce the opening of the 2015 grant round for Source Water Protection (SWP) Collaborative projects. Funding is available to help launch or strengthen community partnerships that raise awareness and educate citizens about ways to keep Pennsylvania drinking water resources clean and healthy. If your proposal meets our criteria, we’ll work together with you to help make your project a success. Proposals must be postmarked by March 20, 2015.

    Source Water Protection Collaborative grant awards are available up to $8,000 per project to foster and support the formation of coalitions that will educate local officials and residents about ways to protect public drinking water resources from contamination, improve emergency response coordination and ensure the community water supply will be sustainable.  Three grant tiers and funding levels are available:  Local projects (up to $3,000/project), expanded local projects (up to $5,000/project), and county-level projects (up to $8,000/project).

    Other Topics

              • And the Winner Is . . . Conewango Creek Named Pennsylvania’s River of the Year
              • Schuylkill Congress Has Something for Everyone Interested in Protecting and Restoring Local Streams
              • Nominations Open for 2015 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence
              • Public Policy Corner
              • Funding and Grants
              • Plus Webinars, Resources, Videos Quick Links, Reports, and Events

    Read December 2014 Water Policy News 

    December 2014 Feature:  Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act.  

    Plus a Guest Feature: "The Middle-Aged Safe Drinking Water Act" by J. Alan Roberson, Director of federal relations for the American Water Works Association in Washington, D.C. Reprinted from Journal AWWA 106:8 by permission

    Other Topics

    • Thirty Years of Safe Drinking Water in Pennsylvania
    • A Call to Action to Support Safe Drinking Water Efforts
    • Potomac River Basin Group celebrates 10th Anniversary
    • CHEMSWEEP Program Makes a Clean Sweep of Unwanted Waste Pesticides
    • Public Policy Corner
    • Funding and Grants
    • Plus Webinars, Resources, Quick Links, Reports, and Events

    November 2014 Water Policy News - More Lessons Learned for Source Water Protection Projects

    November 2014 Feature:  'A "SWEET" Year for Drinking Water Protection Partnership' by Lynda Ginsparg

    Clean, safe drinking water.  We all want it and need it for life itself.  Read about three 2013-2014 WREN Source Water Protection projects that decided to reach out to multiple audiences including emergency responders, and take action before it's too late to safeguard precious drinking water.

    Other Topics
    • Drinking Water Protection Projects Get a Boost from WREN Opportunity Grants
    • AWWA Article reprint: Protecting Forested Watersheds is Smart Economics for Water Utilities
    • Business and Water - A Perfect Partnership through 'Adopt a Streamsite'
    • Register Your Vote for 2015 'River of the Year'
    • American Water Works Survey: Water Quality and Treatment Costs Survey is Now Open
    • Public Policy Corner
    • Funding and Grants

    October 2014 Water Policy News - The 2014 Lessons Learned Issue

    October 2014 Feature: WREN Projects Turn Doers into Leaders by Lynda Ginsparg

    We asked our talented group of 2013-2014 project leaders to share their lessons learned, tips and comments to help educate and inspire future champions interested in protecting local water resources, These are the 'nuts and bolts' of a successful WREN project.  Read to discover what worked and what didn't in big two Feature articles.

    Other Topics
    • Build Your Own Cornstalk Teepee - Fall fun
    • Just What is a 100-Year Flood Anyway?
    • Groundwater Foundation Offers Awesome Aquifer Kits for Hands-On Water Education
    • Capital Region's Water Graphic offers Tour of Harrisburg Systems
    • Visiting Philadelphia?  Check out the New Venice Island and Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk
    • Regulatory News - EPA Proposes to Regulate Strontium
    • Public Policy Corner
    • Funding and Grants

    September 2014 Issue Water Policy News

    September 2014 Feature: Vanport Township, Beaver County: A Small System with a Tall Order to Preserve Clean Water by Lynda Ginsparg  

    We look at Vanport Township in Beaver County, PA, the contamination challenges they face with their drinking water and why they took action to develop a source water protection plan to ensure safe, reliable drinking water for their community.

    Other Topics
    • 2014 WREN Annual Grantee Meeting Recap
    • Keep in Touch at the WREN Websites
    • Master Watershed Stewards Programs Up and Running in PA
    • Lower Susquehanna Partnership Explores Collaborations in Water Supply Protection – Guest Feature by Pat Devlin, Environmental Writer
    • Rain Garden Signage – Ideas from Rainscaping
    • Update on River Alert Information Network (RAIN) in SW PA
    • Three Rivers Rain Garden Alliance
    • Public Policy Corner
    • House Bill 1565

    More Back Issues of Water Policy News 

    • June Feature: Tracking Threats to Clean Water in Adams CountyWREN Grants in Action: Central PA Source Water Alliance for Protection
    • WREN Grants in Action: Expo offers Lessons
    • Put Models to Work to Teach Residential Stormwater Techniques
    • Are U.S. Companies Prepared for Looming Water Challenges
    • New Chesapeake Bay Agreement Signed in Annapolis
    • Chesapeake Bay Focused Social Marketing Case Study
    • Three Projects in PA Win Funding
    • National Drug Take Back Day Results
    • EPA Celebrates Farmer Heroes
    • You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure
    • New Guide Helps Residents Test Well Water
    • Recycling Help
    • August Feature: Quarryville Sees Value in Reviving Dormant Source Water Protection Plan
    • WREN Grants in Action:  Etna Borough Rain Garden Project
    • Plan Now for 2015-2016 WREN Grant Projects
    • Water System Pitches in to Plant Trees
    • Register Now for Fall Master Well Owner Course
    • Berks County Conservation District Partners with County Prison
    • Building Green Infrastructure in Blair County
    • National Protect Your Groundwater Day is Sept. 9th
    • Policy Updates and Public Comments Requested
    March thumbnail
    • March Feature: Water and Sewer Groups Come Together for the Same Goal: Clean Water for Berks County
    • Toxic Release Inventory Data Now Available
    • EPA's FY 2015 Budget Proposal Cuts Funding for Clean Water and Drinking SRFs    
    • EPA Releases Combined Sewer Overflow Report
    • Coldwater Heritage Partnership Announces Grant Awards
    • What Do You Know About H2O?
    • Got Drugs? National Drug Take-Back Day is April 26, 2014
    • How Many Trees Does it Take to Protect a Stream?
    • Looking for Funding for Your Source Water Protection and Watershed Efforts?
    • Apply Now For CFA Sewage, Water, Watershed, Recreation and Other Grants
    • Impacted by Hurricane Sandy? NRCS May be able to Help
    • Policy Updates and Public Comments Requested
    April/May WPN
    • April/May Feature: Small Water Systems: The Unsung Heroes of Source Water Protection
    • A History of Earth Day
    • 2014 Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium
    • Let's Pick It Up PA!
    • Watershed Congress Along the Schuykill River
    • Lower Susquehanna Land and Water Conservation Summit
    • Report Addresses Local Source Water Protection and Water Resource Impacts
    • DEP Releases 2014 Integrated Waters Report
    • Permanent Drug Collection Boxes Installed in PA
    • 2014 Farm Bill Includes Funding for Water Conservation
    • Franklin Kury: Father of PA's Environmental Rights Amendment
    • EnvironmentERIE Wins 2014 Governor's Award
    • Call for Water Volunteers
    • Policy Updates and Public Comments Requested
    Spring 2014
    • WREN Awards more than $68,000 to 22 Local Community Partnerships
    • WREN 2014 Annual Grantee Meeting: Making a Splash for Clean Water
    • New Report Details Climate Change Impacts in the U.S.
    Dec. WPN cover
    • Season's Greetings 
    • December Feature: It May Be Wintry Weather, but Look Forward to Spring - Begin Planning Your WREN Grant Project Now 
    • Late Breaking News 
    • The Science behind Water Management 
    • A Win for Water Quality in Rural Pennsylvania 
    • Update on Federal Farm Bill 
    • Policy Updates and Public Comments Requested 
    • Oil & Gas Regulations Open for Comment 
    • Funds from Act 13 Unconventional Gas Well Impact Fee May be Used to Benefit Water Quality and Plug Old Wells 
    • Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund Grants $28 Million 
    • Educational Opportunities Not to Be Missed 
    • New Finding: Only Half of Drugs in Sewage are Removed at the Plant 
    Jan. WPN
    • January Feature: Mount Joy Borough Cultivates Community Pride through Rain Garden
    • Reminder: WREN Grant Proposals are Due March 21
    • Will West Virginia Water Crisis Sound Alarm Bells for Drinking Water Protection in Pennsylvania?
    • Schuylkill River Rises to the Top as Pennsylvania's 2014 River of the Year
    • Governor Corbett Pumps Over $80 Million into Water Protection
    • River Network and Coca-Cola Urge You to Register your Rain Barrel
    • DEP Launches New Interactive Online Oil and Gas Well Mapping Tool
    • Sherene Hess named to Water Resources Advisory Committee
    • Policy Updates and Public Comments Requested
    • River Rally 2014 Coming to Pittsburgh!
    • EPA Awards Nearly $5 Million in Grants to Support Green Infrastructure Research in Urban Areas
    • Share with Teachers - Youth Water Educator Summit
    Feb. cover
    • February Feature: Keeping the Faith as Stewards of the Earth - Working with Non-Traditional Partners in the Watershed
    • West Virginia Crisis Spotlights Need for Drinking Water Protection in all States
    • Beat the Beads: Ban Sought on Water Polluting Beads in Cosmetics
    • Bring on the Geeks: Rain Barrels Get High Tech Makeover
    • Rain Gardens found in Unlikely Place Down Under
    • Source Water Protection Coalitions Rally Together
    • Pre-Order Your DVD: WaterBlues, Green Solutions
    • WREN Offers Scholarships to Help Municipal Officials attend Schuylkill Watershed Congress
    • Impacted By Hurricane Sandy? NRCS May be able to Help
    • Policy Updates and Public Comments Requested
    • Reminder: WREN Grant Proposals are Due March 21

    November 2013

    • November Feature: Hydro Hubs by Ben Grumbles
    • EPA Report: Water is Vital to U.S. Economy
    • Want to Change Behavior? Use Foolproof Photos!
    • Policy Updates and Public Comments Requested
    • Foundation Aims to Focus on Entire Delaware River Watershed
    • "No Wipes in the Pipes" Campaigns Gain Attention
    • Beware of Roadside Springs!
    • Nominate an Excellent Environmental Steward for Statewide Award
    • Township Supervisor Receives Watershed Stewardship Award
    • Facebook Fans Vote for Projects to Receive Funding

    October 2013

    • October Feature: Lessons Learned: Opposites Attract Attention for Water Protection
    • Pow Wow with Partners: Prepare for 2014 WREN Grants
    • Checking in with WREN Grant Projects
    • Reduce Your Stormwater!
    • Give Lawmakers Your Two Cents on Plastic Bag Tax
    • Entering The Season of Giving: Searching for Funding for Your Watershed Work?
    • Green Stormwater Pilot: Philadelphia to Test Paving Materials for Pollution Prevention Potential
    • Nominate an Extraordinary Advocate for the Chesapeake Bay
    • Study Puts Freshwater Biodiversity on the Map for Planners and Policymakers
    • Legislative Updates and Public Comments Requested

    September 2013

    • September Feature: Protecting the Nation's Drinking Water Means Protecting Forests
    • Checking in with WREN Grants in Progress
    • A Victory for the Chesapeake Bay!
    • Green Infrastructure Becoming a Fixture on Main Street
    • Take the Initiative - Drug Take Back Events
    • Tips on Talking about Conservation
    • How Can We Finance Stormwater? Attend a Workshop at Villanova to Find Out!
    • Legislative Updates and Public Comments Requested

    August 2013

    • August Feature: Working with Homeowner Associations to Improve Water Quality
    • September 10, 2013 is Protect Your Groundwater Day
    • PA Chesapeake Bay Milestones
    • Launch of National Mapping Project
    • Designed to Show Possible Impacts of Oil and Gas Drilling on Well Water
    • StormwaterPA Offers New Clean Your Water Section
    • Legislative Updates & Public Comment Requested
    • Aquatic Algae Known as "Rock Snot" Invades Lycoming County
    • New USGS Findings Offer New Insight on Vulnerability of Public-Supply Wells to Contamination
    • Allies: Craft Brewing and Source Water Protection
    • Legislative Updates

    June 2013

    Spring 2013 (May)

    • WREN Awards over $68,000 to 15 Community Partnerships
    • WREN Drinking Water Protection Workshop June 19, 2013
    • What is Your Status? WREN Video Animation Encourages Awareness of Drinking Water Protection
    • Sensors Help Predict Algae Bloom
    • Garret Hill Coalition Hits a Home Run with WREN Project
    • WREN Annual Meeting to Highlight Connecting, Collaborating and Creating Solutions for Clean Water
    • WREN May Feature: WREN Awards over $68,000 to 15 Community Partnerships

    April 2013

    • April Feature: Source Water Protection Plans Key to Protecting Water Supplies from Agricultural Pollution
    • First U.S. City Bans Plastic Water Bottles
    • Celebrate National Drinking Water Week by Attending the Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium
    • Recent Developments in Water Policy
    • A Call for Safe Lawns During Earth Month: Studies Link Pesticide Exposure to Childhood Cancer
    • Chemicals from Parking Lots Causing Water Pollution and Settling into Housedust
    • "Save the Rain" Program Honored on Earth Day
    • Philadelphia: Soak it Up! Design Award Winners Announced
    • Videos to Watch
    • Funding
    • Natural Gas Links
    • Quick Links
    • Webinars
    • Save the Date

    March 2013

    • March Feature: Reading Area Water Authority Takes a Coupled Approach to Source Water Protection and Watershed Protection
    • U.S. Water Infrastructure Given a Poor Grade by ASCE Group
    • Earth Day offers Opportunity for Education
    • What Do You Know about H2O?
    • Innovative i-Tree Program Puts Science to Work
    • Data on Waste from Unconventional Wells
    • Mapped
    • Free Online Program Educates Homeowners with Water Wells
    • Videos to Watch
    • Funding
    • Natural Gas Links
    • Quick Links
    • Webinars
    • Save the Date

    Winter (Feb) 2013:

    • Winter Feature: Are Rain Gardens Mini Toxic Cleanup Sites?
    • Still Time to Apply: WREN Grant Applications Due March 22
    • Bucks County Conservation District urges Municipalities to Take the Next Step and Maintain Their BMPs, Reading Area Water Authority Garners National AWWA Award for Drinking Water Protection
    • WREN Opportunity Grants Show Small Investments Can Boost Community Greening Effort
    • New Guide Helps Doctors Connect Toxic Water to Health
    • Help Nature Protection through Spring Clean Ups!
    • Runners Raising Money to Combat Runoff Through Education
    • Technology Helps Save Water on Farms
    • Campaigns: Pick Up Poop: Because Dogs Can't Flush Campaign
    • Rain Garden Cost Share Program
    • More Water Education Campaign Examples

    January 2013

    • WREN Announces 2013 Community Watershed
    • Education & Source Water Protection
    • Collaborative Grants Now Available!
    • WREN Grants in Action
    • Videos to Watch
    • Funding
    • Quick Links
    • Webinars
    • Save the Date

    December 2012

    • Wishing Your Peace, Love, Joy & Holiday Cheer from WREN
    • December Feature: Navigating Pipelines through Pennsylvania Waters
    • Two Lancaster County Water Systems Win EPA Regional Source Water Protection Award!
    • Nominations Requested
    • Stormwater Tool Geared to Business Partners
    • The League of Women Voters of PA Releases Marcellus Water Management Guide
    • NOAA's Digital Coast Offers Data on Climate Change
    • EPA Puts Farms Under Pressure for SPCC Plans
    • Citizen's Advisory Council Tasked with Oversight of the PA Department of Environmental Protection
    • Videos to Watch
    • Funding
    • Quick Links
    • Natural Gas Links
    • Webinars
    • Save the Date

    November 2012

    • Stay Tuned!
      November Feature: Can Public Drinking Water Coalitions Make A Difference?
    • Would you Like to Contribute to WREN E-News?
    • EPA Launches SepticSmart
    • Tools of the Trade: Ensuring Clean Water for Future Generations
    • Penn State Extension Assists North Central Private Water Supply Owners
    • Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Dominion Seek Proposals for Watershed Mini Grants
    • Three New Apps Leverage the Power of Residents to Help Waterways
    • Are you Using DEP's Online Tools to their Fullest Potential?
    • Videos to Watch
    • Funding
    • Quick Links
    • Natural Gas Links
    • Webinars
    • Save the Date

    Fall 2012 (Oct)

    • Lessons Learned from WREN Projects
    • Link Up with Local Officials and Partners Now for 2013 WREN Grants, Register Now: What's Clean Water and How Do We Get It Back Seminar
    • Register Now! Tools of the Trade - Ensuring Clean Water for Future Generation
    • Groupon Grassroots Offers Unique Funding Opportunity
    • Congress Lets Farm Bill Expire
    • Democrat vs. Republican: Use American Values to Reach a Broader Audience
    • No More Burning Rivers: Conservation Organizations Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act
    • WREN Grantee Eastern Lancaster Coalition Recognized for Drinking Water Protection Efforts

    September 2012

    • September Feature: MS-4 Establishing a Culture of Interagency Coordination
      DEP Environmental Education Grants Available!
    • Rochester, Minnesota Knows How to Throw a Party
    • DCNR to Require Leases from Gas Companies Drilling under Publicly-Owned Waterways
    • USGS Issues Report on Effects of Natural Gas Extraction on Farms and Forests
      Videos to Watch
    • Funding
    • Quick Links
    • Natural Gas Links
    • Save the Date

    August 2012

    • August Feature: Water Suppliers Give Thumbs Up to Partnership in Lower Susquehanna River Basin
    • Contaminants Found in PA Waters According to USGS Report
    • Develop Your Skills with New Drinking Water Protection Webinar Series
    • Youth Water Educators Invited to "Dive Deeper" with Penn State Extension
    • DEP Offers Training for Residents with @Home Webinars
    • Schuylkill Shots Competition
    • Videos to Watch
    • Quick Links
    • Save the Date

    July 2012

    • July Feature: Farm Bill - Protecting Environmental Compliance Programs - A Public Health Priority<
    • DEP Issues Drought Watch for 15 Western PA Counties
    • Bethlehem Authority's Historic Conservation Deal
    • No More Naked Storm Drains!
    • Shale Updates
    • Susquehanna Added to Historic Water-Trail
    • Why Are We Watering Concrete?
    • EPA Releases Materials on Innovative Activities
    • Quick Links
    • Save the Date

    June 2012

    • June Feature: Tioga County SWP Coalition
    • Highlights from WREN Grantee June Meeting
    • WREN Opportunity Grants Available
    • Coming Soon: Public Comment Period on PA Water Quality Standards
    • NGWA Calls for Additional Federal Research on Hydraulic Fracturing
    • New Penn State Extension Water Resource Factsheets
    • Fish and Boat Commission Suggests Charging for River Water
    • EPA Launches College Competition for Innovative Stormwater Solutions
    • Quick Links
    • Save the Date

    Spring 2012 (May 2012)

    • WREN Awards $65,000 to 15 Community Partnerships
    • WREN Conference to Connect the Dots
    • Early Warning System Protects Water Supplies at the Source, WREN Offers Free Workshop
    • , Philadelphia's "Green City
    • Clean Waters" Webinar
    • Jersey Shore Area Joint Water Authority Wins Award

    April 2012

    • April Feature: Award-Winning Triple Divide Watershed Coalition
    • State Seeks Stream Cleanup Strategies
    • Clearfield County Uses Social Marketing Approach
    • The Green Streets Movement
    • 12,000 Rain Gardens
    • Funding Resource Helps Reduce Polluted Runoff
    • Saving a Stream? There's an App for That
    • New Tool Assists Preservation Efforts
    • New Webpage for Community Grant Resources
    • Watch
    • Quick Links
    • Save the Date

    March 2012

    • March Feature: The River Alert Information Network
    • Profile on PA Source Water Protection Collaboration
    • Allegheny County Town Implements Stormwater Fee
    • Communities and Shale Gas Development
    • Conservancy Receives State Funding
    • State of the Mon Forum
    • Quick Links
    • Save the Date
    • Senate Approves Stormwater Utilities

    Winter 2012 (February 2012)

    • A Look at PA Act 13 Oil & Gas Act Chang
    • On The Lighter Sid
    • 2011-2012 WREN Grantee Stormwater Too
    • National Ground Water Awareness Week
    • WREN Grant Applications Due

    January 2012

    • WREN Announces 2012 Community Watershed Education & Source Water Protection Education Grant Round is Now Open
    • Grant Applications Due: March 23, 2012 Project Activities to take place July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013
    • Download Guidance and Applications at: /wren.palwv.org/grants/

    November/December 2011

    • November/December Feature - New Stream Cleanup Model?
    • WREN Grants Available
    • Panel on Climate Change Issues Extreme Weather Report
    • Rooftops to Rivers Report
    • PAOneStop: Online System for Farm Mapping and Nutrient Management and E&S Planning
    • Marcellus Shale Drilling May Take Huge Chunks Out of PA Forest
    • Forests to Faucets Project Introduced
    • Philadelphia's Green City, Clean Waters Program Lifts City From Underdog to Champion
    • New Report Finds Power Plants Contributing to Water Stress
    • You Know Where the Grapes in Your Wine are From, But Do You Know Where Your Drinking Water Comes From?
    • Grants Available
    • Presentations from Recent Conferences
    • Quick Links
    • Save the Date

    Fall 2011 (October)

    • Engage Municipal Partners
    • Lesson Learned
    • Stormwater Webinar
    • Create Your Own Water Protection Brochure
    • Drinking Water Protection Education classes coming with PSAB/PMPEI/PA DEP & WREN
    • EPA Launches Mapping Tool for Enforcement Informatio
    • RiverSafe Rain Barrels

    September 2011

    • September Feature - PENNVEST Funding Available to Address Polluted Runoff
    • DEP Announces Greater Local Flexibility for Municipal Stormwater Permits
    • Protect Family Health with Water Well Testing
    • Volunteers Needed to Help with Private Well Testing in 8 Counties
    • October 29, 2011 - Third Nationwide Drug Take Back Day
    • Chesapeake Commons Gives Google Earth-like Capabilities for Chesapeake Bay
    • Schuylkill Action Network (SAN) Annual Meeting - November 4, 2011
    • Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium Fall Series
    • Upcoming Events and Funding
    • Quick links

    August 2011

    • August Feature - Is Hydrofracking Worth The Risk?
    • Tracking the Frac
    • Local Drinking Water Coalitions FormPA Chapter APA offers natural gas webcast
    • Third National Drug Take-Back Day Planned Oct. 29, 2011
    • Dauphin County Conservation District Launches Streamside Buffer Project
    • Lehigh Valley Clean Water Summit 9/29/11
    • Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium Fall Series
    • Stormwater Conferences in Philadelphia
    • Quick links

    June 2011

    • June Feature - Rodale Eco-Center
    • Highlights of WREN meeting
    • Updated Nonpoint Source Toolbox
    • Drug Take-Back Day a Success
    • Water Impacts of Fracking
    • Adams Co. Water Resources
    • Childrens Groundwater Festival
    • Northwest Workshops
    • Stormwater conferences in Philadelphia
    • Quick links

    Spring 2011 (May 2011)

    • WREN Awards $71,723
    • WREN Meeting- June 14-15
    • June Workshops in Elk Co.
    • Art and Rain Barrels
    • PENNVEST Help
    • Plumbing codes and BMP's conflict
    • Working Woodlands

    April 2011

    • April Feature - Energy and water
    • Drug Takeback Day
    • WREN Drinking Water workshop
    • SourcewaterPA website
    • Delaware Drinking Water Forum proceedings
    • Rain Gardens in Spring
    • Lehigh Valley Clean Water Summit
    • Quick links

    Feb-March 2011

    • March Feature - Drug Takeback Day
    • February Feature - Deicer
    • Marcellus Resources
    • Marcellus Monitoring
    • WREN Grants
    • Quick links

    Winter 2011 (Juanuary 2011)

    • Delaware Common Waters Fund
    • March calendar
    • Schuylkill Watershed Congress
    • Drug Takeback Day
    • Blair County Conservation Planner
    • York County Circuit Rider
    • Festival Volunteers needed

    December 2010

    • December Feature is Posted
    • WREN Grants 2011-2012
    • DCNR C2P2 Grant Workshops
    • PA Watersheds 2011 grant schedule
    • Factory Farm maps
    • Quick links

    November 2010

    • November Feature is Posted
    • Philly Water Dept's Spokesdog
    • Nutrients in Streams
    • Rivers At Risk
    • Water and Energy Use
    • Arctic Climate Changes
    • Protecting PA's Rivers and water
    • Quick links: November 2010

    Fall 2010 (October 2010)

    • Chesapeake Bay Meetings
    • White Clay Watershed
    • Water Quality Data from Susquehanna Basin
    • New York City Green Infrastructure
    • NESC Goes Green
    • Climate Action Plan

    September 2010

    • September Feature is Posted
    • Pharmaceuticals and Drinking Water
    • USGS: Urbanization and Streams
    • "Web Sprint" helps build websites
    • Buffer regulations in effect soon
    • Penn State Marcellus webinars
    • Quick links: new publications, fall calendar

    August 2010

    • August Feature is Posted
    • WREN Opportunity Grants
    • State Water Plan progress
    • Conservation Leadership material
    • Penn State Marcellus webinars
    • Quick links: new publications, fall calendar, CarrotMob

    July 2010

    • July Feature is Posted
    • Big Money Drives Marcellus Shale
    • FracTracker website goes live
    • Discovery Watersheds website
    • Webinars on Marcellus shale gas
    • Quick links: WREN, DCNR, shaleblog

    June 2010

    • June Feature is Posted
    • WREN Projects Wrap-Up
    • WREN Conference presentations available
    • Webinars on Marcelus shale gas
    • Quick links: DCNR, Tree Calculator

    Spring 2010 (May 2010)

    • WREN Awards $50,000
    • WREN Conference in June
    • Delaware Drilling Moratorium
    • Ohiopyle Green Project
    • E. Fallowfield Rain Garden

    April 2010

    • April Feature is Posted
    • Environmental Toxins in the News
    • Change when Change is Hard
    • Groundwater Recharge Report
    • Marcellus Shale Gas Webinars
    • WREN Opportunity Grants Available
    • Western PA Source Water Protection Workshops
    • WREN Watershed Education Grants
    • Quick links: WREN, DCNR, National Drinking Water Week

    March 2010

    • Western PA Source Water Protection Workshops
    • March Feature is Posted
    • WREN Opportunity Grants Available
    • SRBC Posts Real-Time Data
    • PA Water Symposium May 5-6
    • USGS Tracks Water Supply Contaminants
    • -C-SAW Technical Assistance for Watersheds
    • WREN Watershed Education Grants
    • Quick links: WREN, EPA WaterSense

    February 2010

    • WREN Source Water Protection Workshop
    • February Feature is Posted
    • Program pays landowners
    • Stormwater Videos on YouTube
    • Green Streets on the Web
    • Comment on Stormwater Rules
    • WREN Watershed Education Grants
    • Quick links: WREN, USGS, Chesapeake TMDL

    Winter 2010 Januarry (2010)

    • Message from WREN Project Director
    • What is 'Readability'
    • Social Marketing Tips
    • Water Symposium in May - Abstracts wanted
    • Allentown, a Case Study in Cooperation
    • Choose Clean Water
    • Quck link- Watershed grants

    December 2009

    • December Feature is Posted
    • WREN Watershed Education Grants
    • PA TDS Regulations
    • Rain Urn, Signs and more

    November 2009

    • November Feature is Posted
    • Green Infrastructure Resources
    • Villanova Stormwater Presentations
    • Small Grants yield Big Results
    • SRBC Water Quality Monitoring

    Fall 2009 (October 2009)

    • Total Dissolved Solids
    • New York Times Toxic Water
    • Rain Gardens Grow
    • Critical Water Planning Area Hearings

    September 2009

    • September Feature is Posted
    • Outreach Tools from WREN Projects
    • Fall Water Events
    • Coldwater Heritage Grants
    • CBF Challenges Drilling Permit
    • Popular Pubs Reprinted

    August 2009

    • August Feature is Posted WREN Conference info posted
    • REAP Applications Due
    • Popular Pubs Reprinted
    • WREN Offers Opportunity Grants

    July 2009

    • July Feature is Posted
    • WREN Offers Opportunity Grants
    • Marcellus Shale and Water Webinar
    • Chesapeake Bay and Public Health
    • People's Choice Awards

    Spring (June 2009)

    • WREN Leaders Gather
    • Lebanon's Greenfest
    • RAIN Receives Grant
    • McKean Plarmaceutical Collection
    • State Water Atlas Complete

    May 2009

    • May Feature is Posted
    • WREN Announces Watershed Education Grants
    • Opportunity Grants Available

    April 2009

    • April Feature is posted
    • Federal Stimulus Money for Green Projects
    • Professional Geologists Marcellus Shale Program
    • USGS Study of Private Wells
    • EPA "Healthy Watersheds" Initiative
    • WREN Offers Opportunity Grants

    March 2009

    • Two Source Water Protection Workshops Planned
    • WREN offers Opportunity Grants
    • March Feature posted on WREN website
    • PA American Water Grants Available
    • State Water Plan Available

    January 2009

    • WREN Grants Available
    • Penn State offers WEb series on gas exploration issues
    • WREN website adds Search Feature
    • Save the Date - April 8 - WREN Source Water Protection Workshop