Photo Gallery of San Luis Valley, the BNWR, and the Crestone/Baca community


"The San Luis Valley..... is a sacred place unlike any other on earth." 


                             Senator Ken Salazar

The San Luis Valley and Sangre de Cristo Mountains: 

A Unique and Sacred Place 

Kit Carson Peak (14,165) overlooks the San Luis Valley, the BNWR, and the Baca Community 


Sangre de Cristo Mountains (from Pundarika Foundation website)

Sunset on the Sangres 

 Cloud-cap over Kit Carson Peak 

Rainbow and Kit Carson Peak from my back yard 

Full moon and Sangres from my back yard  

 Kit Carson Peak 

Sangre de Cristo Range and the Great Sand Dunes 

And we have great x-country skiing 

You can find the end of the rainbow right here!  


Statue of St. Francis at the Carmelite monastery


Double rainbow over Carmelite  (Catholic) monastery


Rainbow's end on the Baca National Wildlife Refuge


Now it's in my back yard!


Now it's up in Copper Gulch (from website)


A double bow for St. Francis 


Rainbow over Baca Ranch, now headquarters of BNWR 

On the Baca National Wildlife Refuge:


Here's where Lexam wants  to drill well #5, their first (14,000 feet!) test well on the BNWR 

 Ron Garcia (Manager of BNWR) and members of our Baca community at 
second prospective drilling site (Well #6)


Proposed Well #5 is sited on the Willow Creek drainage here, which seasonally is.... a wetland!



The Refuge looks like this- with wetlands, and sometimes large lakes, 
in the spring when the snow melts!  (photo from Lexam website)

A herd of buffalo lives east of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
(photo from Lexam website) 

The views here are spectacular, often magical, always changing!
(Lexam website photo)

4th Annual Karlstrom/Quaternary reunion/field trippers explore Cottonwood Creek, about 1.5 miles east of the wildlife refuge 

Along Cottonwood Creek 

Hattie contemplates on Cottonwood Creek alluvium

Karlstrom Quaternarists next to BNWR 

Geologist Jim McCalpin (in red) shows us how to identify past earthquakes (and predict future ones) by studying stratigraphy of trenches on alluvial fans
Our Crestone Community

The Greater Crestone Kosmic Kazoo Band in the 4th of July Parade 

The Greater Crestone Kosmic Kazoo Band  in Action!

Downtown Crestone on 4th of July Parade
This Valley has Sand Dunes as Large as in Saudi Arabia!

Great Sand Dunes! (National Park) and Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Hiking the Dunes!  Is this what it's like in Saudi Arabia?


I don't know, but I bet it's cooler!

Ida says: This stuff is fun!

It doesn't taste very good though 

What a sand box! 
People Come From All Around the World for Spiritual Retreat Here


Agape Chapel at Carmelite Monastery


Carmelite self-sufficient, south-facing solar retreat cabin  

Tibetan Buddhist (Tashi Gomang  XVI  Karmapa)  Stupa

Tibetan Buddhist Stupa

Tashi (left), Tsoknyi Rinpoche (2nd from right) and members of Buddhist Sangha

Tibetan Buddhist Stupa

Hatakanda Universal Ashram Temple

Cambodian Buddhist Venerable Maha Ghosananda (second from right) 
leads walking meditation in Crestone
Then There is the Spectacular Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area

View from on top of a local 13'er


Fantastic ridge walking and peak bagging!  


On top of the world! 


Special permit required for travel beyond this point! 


A modern-day John Muir in front of Crestone Needle 


Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area




The hiking is great through the golden aspens in the fall 


But watch out for the wildlife! 

Sangres and Pinedale terminal moraine by moonlight from my back yard 

 Sunset on the Sangres


Some happy hikers


Dead bristlecone pine tree  



The sun sets over the San Luis Valley

Now don't you think the San Luis Valley is worth protecting and preserving for future generations?
Photos by Eric Karlstrom unless noted otherwise