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George Washington Foundation Scholarship

posted Jan 17, 2018, 1:24 PM by Waterville School
The George Washington Foundation makes scholarships available to graduating high school seniors who qualify.  Each scholarship is $1050.00 per year ($350.00 per trimester; $525.00 semester).  These scholarships, will pay toward tuition, fees, books,and supplies for the freshman year.  If the progress of the student has been satisfactory in the freshman year the Foundation endeavors, on receipt of most recent grade transcripts of college courses, to issue an additional scholarship for the ensuing sophomore year.  * Applicants who exhibit financial need will be looked at first*

Awarded scholarships are restricted, in general, to use within the State of Washington and primarily at a community college.  However, scholarships are awarded to trade schools and universities within Washington State.

Application Deadline is March 1st.

For more information or help please contact Mrs. Prey in the Career Center.