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August Elementary Principal/Superintendent Board Report

posted Aug 15, 2013, 5:18 PM by Waterville School

Waterville School District

Elementary Principal/Superintendents Report

August 21, 2013


  • 2012-13 Elementary Reading Intervention: I will share a summary of the effectiveness from our 2012-13 elementary Reading Intervention program at the meeting.


  • Spring 2013 EOC, MSP and HSPE data:  Record reconciliation data was just sent in to correct errors in the testing data reports; the second round of reconciliation closes September 11.  Following that closure, new student and school data score reports will be run – that final data will be shared in full at the September board meeting.


  • August HSPE testing:
    • 13 & 14th:  Writing: 1 student tested
    • 15th:  Reading: 1 student tested


  • All Day Kindergarten
    • Kirsten and I attended WAKIDS training on Monday, August 12; Kirsten attended the second day of training on August 13 and passed the Rater Reliability portion.  September 5, 6, & 9 we have scheduled family/Kindergarten staff meetings – first day of classes for Kindergarten is Tuesday, September 10.


Communication/Parent Involvement:

  • Letters to Staff sent on August 15
  • Communication to Kindergarten parents with scheduled Family/School conference mailed August 16
  • First Newsletter of the school year will be mailed by September 30 (will include the 2013-14 School Performance Report with assessment data, etc.)
  • $2500 donation from Waterville Lions Club to help with fencing project



  • Library Clerk/Intervention Specialist:  Marsha Ashley
  • Bilingual Office Assistant:  Brenda Celaya
  • HR/Payroll/Fiscal Generalist: Jackie Tupling
  • A.J. Brodin – K-12 Music
  • Edward Anegon - History
  • Community Coordinator:  Marie Harding (Chelan/Douglas Together employee)


Leader In Me update: 

  • Tabatha and I will attend a “Leader In Me” dinner cruise, leaving from Edmonds, on August 20.  We will meet many Principals from other Leader In Me schools and get to know Mike Forsyth, the new Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator from the Franklin Covey Foundation.
  • All Staff “Year Two” of “Leader In Me” Implementation training is Tuesday, September 3. 
  • Lighthouse Team “Year Two” training is Wednesday, September 4.



  • “Rustique Divas” vendors will be using the locker rooms and gym parking lot August 23, 24 & 25
  • Potential roof leaks resulted from last weeks wind/rain storm; indication of water in 3 classrooms were discovered on Tuesday, August 13 by our custodians.  Waynes Roofing has been contacted and will be on site to inspect and diagnosis. 
  • Sprinkler pipe leak on football field repaired but required 4 hour backhoe rental
  • We have registered for the Apple Recycling service and will be packing two pallets of non-working technology items for pick up.


Facilities/Maintenance/Grounds Projects:  How would we prioritize this list?

  • Gym curtain*
  • Student lockers in gym*
  • Transformer in Shop*
  • Fencing*
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Furniture replacement
  • Technology upgrades*
  • Painting interior of building
  • Track
  • Increase Maintenance staffing

*District has obtained current bids for these projects


Food Service: 

  • We will be asking the board to consider approval of a .25 increase in student and adult lunch prices for the 2013-14 school year.  K-6 lunch: $2.00 last year; proposal to increase to $2.25; 7-12 lunch: $2.25 last year; proposal to increase to $2.50; and adult lunches from $3.25 to $3.50.  Proposal does not include a change in breakfast prices. 
  • August 26:  Meal Certification training in Spokane (Diane Polson and Cathi will attend)
  • Important Dates:
  • August 26:  Elementary Office opens
  • September 3:  “Leader In Me” (Year Two) Implementation training for all staff
  • September 4: Year Two “Lighthouse Team” training
  • September 5:  First Day of School for students
  • September 13, 27:  Early release for staff collaboration
  • September 24:  Picture Day!
  • September 19-21:  Gordy will attend the WSSDA 2013 Legislative Assembly – Seattle Airport Mariott