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Sophomore Advisory/SSP Program Overview
Essential Question:
• What skills and knowledge do I need to be successful in high school and how do I measure my progress?

Enduring Understandings:
Students will understand that…
  • written and oral communication skills are necessary tools for expressing ideas, sharing information, and conveying opinions
  • critical thinking promotes intellectual and academic maturation
  • problem solving requires an analysis and evaluation of variables before beginning to develop solutions
  • learning from past experiences and planning for future endeavors involves self-reflection
  • setting goals provides focus for measuring and accomplishing goals
Content Standards:
Students will know and be able to…
  • express their thoughts and ideas through formal and informal written and oral communication
  • use technology as a tool for research and communication
  • work independently designing, organizing, developing, and presenting long-term projects
  • think introspectively about progress, problems, and change

2017-2018 Sophomore Lessons/Activities: 

Sophomore Portfolio Project Overview:

Sophomore Portfolio Project.mov

September 2017 lessons:

Obstacle Course - Students worked collaboratively to travel through an obstacle course using only the directions/guidance of their peers.

Goal Setting - At the start of each school year, students in all four grades are asked to write two S.M.A.R.T. goals (one academic in nature and one other goal). They meet one-on-one with their advisor at this point. They will then assess the progress made toward achieving these goals during a mid-year conference and again at a year-end conference with their advisor. 

Door Decorating - As a team building activity that also fosters school spirit, each advisory group plans a design for their room door and decorates the door. This year's theme is "Watertown Pride." Doors will be judged by administration in late September and the winning group will be awarded a breakfast catered by Chef Foulds. 

 October 2017 lessons:

"Actions and Consequences" - Students discussed the concept of actions and resulting short- and long-term consequences in school and out of school. 

PSATs - Students took the PSATs during the school day.

"Say Something Week" - Students learned ways to advocate for and include peers who may feel less connected to our school community through this national initiative started by Nicole Hockley, mother of Sandy Hook victim Dylan Hockley. 

November 2017 lessons:

"Cluster Finder" - Through Naviance, students took a cluster finder survey that asked them questions about themselves and their interests and then identified potential majors and careers of interest.

Sophomore Portfolio Work Day - Students had time in SSP to select and reflect on pieces of work for their portfolio. 

Fall Pep Rally

Budgeting Lesson - Lesson provided by Litchfield Bancorp.

 December 2017 lessons:

"The Million Dollar Prize" - Students received a list of potential recipients for a hypothetical million dollar award and had to work together to determine the most-deserving recipient. 

SSP vs SSP Challenge - SSP groups challenged one another to team-building challenges.

January 2018 lessons:

"Snowflake" Listening - Teachers gave directions on how to rip a piece of white copy paper orally as students followed. Although students listened to the exact same series of directions, their resulting paper snowflakes were each different. Students then connected the activity to the value of listening and passive versus active listening.

Midterm Review Session - Students received a midterm exam review packet with the midterm exam schedule and tips for studying.

Portfolio Work Day - Students had a full SSP session to work on their Sophomore Portfolio - selecting pieces of their work to add and completing a reflection cover sheet for each.

PSAT Results - Students received their results from the PSAT taken in October 2017 and then linked their College Board account to Khan Academy for targeted SAT review questions.

February 2018 lessons:

 March 2018 lessons:

 April 2018 lessons: 

 May 2018 lessons:

 June 2018 lessons: