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Sophomore Advisory/SSP Program Overview
Essential Question:
• What skills and knowledge do I need to be successful in high school and how do I measure my progress?

Enduring Understandings:
Students will understand that…
  • written and oral communication skills are necessary tools for expressing ideas, sharing information, and conveying opinions
  • critical thinking promotes intellectual and academic maturation
  • problem solving requires an analysis and evaluation of variables before beginning to develop solutions
  • learning from past experiences and planning for future endeavors involves self-reflection
  • setting goals provides focus for measuring and accomplishing goals
Content Standards:
Students will know and be able to…
  • express their thoughts and ideas through formal and informal written and oral communication
  • use technology as a tool for research and communication
  • work independently designing, organizing, developing, and presenting long-term projects
  • think introspectively about progress, problems, and change

2017-2018 Sophomore Lessons/Activities: 

Sophomore Portfolio Project Overview:

Sophomore Portfolio Project.mov

September 2018 lessons:

Obstacle Course - Students worked collaboratively to travel through an obstacle course using only the directions/guidance of their peers.

Goal Setting - At the start of each school year, students in all four grades are asked to write two S.M.A.R.T. goals (one academic in nature and one other goal). They meet one-on-one with their advisor at this point. They will then assess the progress made toward achieving these goals during a mid-year conference and again at a year-end conference with their advisor. 


 October 2018 lessons:

"Actions and Consequences" - Students discussed the concept of actions and resulting short- and long-term consequences in school and out of school. 

PSATs - Students took the PSATs during the school day.