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Senior Advisory/SSP Program Overview
Essential Question:
• How can I demonstrate my growth and independence?

Enduring Understandings:
Students will understand that…
  • successfully completing independent projects requires research, strategic planning, and organization
  • learning and growing is a lifelong process
  • utilizing appropriate resources and support facilitates the progress of a project
  • setting and meeting short term benchmarks is an effective way to ensure meeting long-term goals
  • self-reflection and introspection are essential for self-improvement


Content Standards:
Students will know and be able to…
  • present their Senior Capstone Project using formal and informal speaking and writing techniques
  • utilize research methods and techniques to investigate topic ideas, conduct formal research, and produce a final product
  • use technology as a research and communication tool
  • work independently designing, organizing, developing, and presenting a long-term project
  • think introspectively and self-reflect as part of a long-term planning and research process

2017-2018 Senior Lessons/Activities:

Senior Capstone Overview:

Capstone Project.mov


YouTube Video


 Senior Capstone Documents

Senior Capstone Hour Log

SSP Capstone Project Proposal

Senior Capstone Project Rubric


September 2018 lessons:

Capstone Assembly - Seniors received a packet of information pertaining to the Senior Capstone Project. The Capstone is a graduation requirement. Seniors must dedicated 60 hours toward the project of their own choosing. The project must have technology and research components and will be presented in SSP near the end of the school year. In the assembly, seniors were given a list of commonly asked questions about the project, the list of capstone projects done by last year's senior class, the capstone proposal sheet, and an hour log. Capstone proposals are due on October 5th in SSP.

Goal Setting - At the start of each school year, students in all four grades are asked to write two S.M.A.R.T. goals (one academic in nature and one other goal). They meet one-on-one with their advisor at this point. They will then assess the progress made toward achieving these goals during a mid-year conference and again at a year-end conference with their advisor. 

October 2018 lessons: 

Capstone Project Proposals - Seniors submitted their capstone project proposals and met with their SSP advisors for input. 

College Essay Writing Workshop - Students reviewed examples of strong college essays, brainstormed ideas for their own essays, and began writing.