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Freshmen Advisory/SSP Program Overview

Essential Question:
• How can I contribute to my advisory team’s success?

Enduring Understandings:
Students will understand that…
  • teams and groups find success when members have a shared vision, responsibility, and a vested interest in the wellness of the group
  • having a support system consisting of peers, mentors, and advisors helps when trying to navigate through challenging times
  • empathy and active listening are essential skills in developing strong interpersonal bonds
  • people with differing perspectives and interests enrich problem solving because issues are addressed from varying perspectives
  • personal growth and development stems from self-reflection and moving beyond personal comfort zones
  • as citizens we have a responsibility to help our community within and beyond the school
Content Standards:
Students will know and be able to…
  • work collaboratively designing, organizing, developing, and presenting long-term projects
  • utilize a variety of resources and people to challenge and shape their attitudes, perceptions, and learning
  • express their thoughts and feelings through formal and informal written and oral communication
  • show empathy for the different genders, races, religions, ethnic groups, and socioeconomic classes
  • contribute to the health and well-being of their local community and world
  • think introspectively about progress, problems, and change
  • use active listening and questioning skills to better understand and support others
2017-2018 Freshmen Lessons/Activities

 September 2017 lessons :

"Dear Future Self" - Freshmen wrote a letter to themselves from the perspective of reflecting back on their fours years of high school on graduation day. The letters will be stored and given back to students on the day of graduation four years from now.

Goal Setting - At the start of each school year, students in all four grades are asked to write two S.M.A.R.T. goals (one academic in nature and one other goal). They meet one-on-one with their advisor at this point. They will then assess the progress made toward achieving these goals during a mid-year conference and again at a year-end conference with their advisor. 

Door Decorating - As a team building activity that also fosters school spirit, each advisory group plans a design for their room door and decorates the door. This year's theme is "Heroes." Doors will be judged by administration in late September and the winning group will be awarded a breakfast catered by Chef Foulds. 

October 2017 lessons :

"Getting to Know You"/"It's A Jungle Out There" - Freshmen participated in these two group games designed to allow students to learn more about their peers in SSP. 

PSATs - Students took the PSATs during the school day.

"Say Something Week" - Students learned ways to advocate for and include peers who may feel less connected to our school community through this national initiative started by Nicole Hockley, mother of Sandy Hook victim Dylan Hockley. 

 November 2017 lessons :

"It's All In Your Mind" - Students take the "fruit personality quiz" from Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens to discover their personality/learning style and then work in groups to identify potential career paths that fit their type.

Brain Games: Morality - In preparation for the "Shared Values" project, students viewed and discussed an episode of the the National Geographic show "Brain Games." 

Fall Pep Rally

"Bank Robbery" - Students each receive one clue needed to solve a pretend bank robbery. Students must to look at their clues collectively and work together to solve the robbery.

 December 2017 lessons :

Time  Management Grid - Students completed a time management grid from Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens to determine how they spend their time and then discussed tips for better time management.

SSP vs SSP Challenge - SSP groups challenged one another to fun team-building challenges.

January 2018 lessons :

"Bugs and Wishes" - Students brainstormed lists of things that "bug" them and ways to appropriately address each item on their list.

Midterm Review Session - Students received a midterm exam review packet with the midterm exam schedule and tips for studying.

Values Line - Students listened to a series of statements and, after each, decided where their opinions and values on the statement fell. 

PSAT Results - Students received their results from the PSAT taken in October 2017 and then linked their College Board account to Khan Academy for targeted SAT review questions.

 February 2018 lessons:

 March 2018 lessons:

 April 2018 lessons: 

 May 2018 lessons:

 June 2017 lessons: