Water Slide Oops

    water slide
  • A slide into a swimming pool, typically flowing with water and incorporating a number of twists and turns
  • (Water Slides) Water slides require a regular garden hose. 50 feet of hose is included with the rental If the renters faucet is beyond 50 feet of the setup area please check on the availability of extra hose or be able to supply it.
  • A water slide is a type of slide or tube designed for warm-weather or indoor recreational use, typically with water pumped to its top and allowed to flow down its surface, although some may simply be wet.
  • The first season of Frasier originally aired between September 1993 and May 1994, beginning on September 16, 1993.
  • "Oops" is the tenth episode from the first season of American sitcom Frasier.
  • Used to show recognition of a mistake or minor accident, often as part of an apology
  • OOPS! The Ounce of Prevention System is a CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System developed in 1983 for use on personal PCs by industries to better manage their maintenance data. The evolution of OOPS! is Oz. the Oz. of Prevention System. The goal of OOPS!
water slide oops
water slide oops - Oops!
Greta Lipinski's biological clock is about to run out of batteries. She’s always wanted children, and the fact that she isn’t married isn’t about to stop her. Her track record for dating losers is just further proof that she doesn’t need a man to have a baby. Seeking out the help Dr. Alec Thurston, a renowned New England fertility expert, Greta initiates the fertility process.

Alec, the privileged son of wealthy but distant parents, grew up barely knowing the meaning of the word “family”. He loves his job, and is happy to help Greta fulfill her dreams, but fatherhood is not for him. Until a lab error throws the unlikely Greta and Alex into a major…oops moment.

Before she started to drink the water
Before she started to drink the water
24 Jun 2012 11.01am Sparrow B: Look what you have done! You made Mr. Might-be Vampire cried! Ms. Cannot Decide looked to her right: Me? I've not started to drink the water? Carrot still wants to drink it, he hasn't have enough? Has he drunk all the water in Mr. Might-be Vampire's house and so Mr. Might-be Vampire is crying? I don't mind sharing my bowl with Carrot but there are some dirt inside. He is a pampered dog, he might mind. Shall I stand aside and let him drink to his heart content? Sparrow B: Not you, I mean my gardener friend. Gardener in front of Ms Cannot Decide: Me? Why? What have I done to make him cry? Sparrow B: Because you don't like his care bears! and dolls! Gardener burst out laughing: Are you serious Sparrow B? (hahaha) Sparrow B: He likes those stuffs and thought you would like it too. Most girls / women like them. But you are too .... Gardener: Too what? Sparrow B: Too.. too you are too like a man! Gardener: (haha) Well, seems I'm like a man, he is like a woman, then if we are together as a couple, we are a balanced couple? hahaha. Oops. Hope he doesn't mind I laughed so much. OK, it's heartwarming to see him sending me such caring messages. *ahem* ... Sigh. Sparrow B: Why sigh? Ms. Cannot Decide: Why indeed? All of a sudden, started sighing? Cannot decide whether to laugh or sigh? Gardener: It's just a wishful thinking that we are a couple. Don't know what he is thinking. Sigh. I wonder what couples do too. I never have a boyfriend before though I have male friends. And I don't ask my girl friends, hey what do you do with your boyfriend, not when I was a teenager - now. I know they went for movies, eating, shopping. But what do they talk about? Do they talk as much as I talk to Mr. Might-be Vampire here? I don't know how they can express themselves in front of someone they like? I can't? I want to practice but Mr. Might-be Vampire is not giving me a chance to do so. So I can only let my fingers do the talking, typing out one thoughts after another. Ms. Cannot Decide: You human beings are so strange. You said my name is Cannot Decide but actually you people cannot decide. You cannot decide what to talk to him? He cannot decide what kind of relationship he wants with you? I actually can decide. I can decide when to come here and drink the water, without hesitation, though I have to look out for Mr. Lion. He is quite fierce lately. A bit scary. All his fur stand up he looks big and frightening. Sparrow B: Poor Ms. Cannot Decide but Can Decide to drink the water. Let's not disturb you from drinking. In case he returns. Ms. Cannot Decide: Thank you. I have decided to drink the water now. Next slide please? (click)
dog shit slip pile
dog shit slip pile
oops, that old familier soft slide.
water slide oops
water slide oops
In a distinctive oversize package and illustrated with Joelle Jolivet’s signature retro, eye-catching style, Oops! follows a family through the streets of Paris as they try to get to the airport for their vacation. Back at their apartment, their house-sitting aunt slips on some soap, setting off a chain reaction of events that create some extreme roadblocks for the family’s trip. A movie shoot, a parade, policemen, rampaging bears, aliens, and much more collide in this remarkable new picture book adventure. The book includes a gatefold page at the end that explains in detail the train of chaos on the previous pages.

Praise for 365 Penguins
Boston Globe?Horn Book Honor Award
New York Times bestseller
Publishers Weekly bestseller
Seen on Martha TV
Heard on NPR

?Piece de resistance . . . a real treat.” ?Daniel Pinkwater

?Integrates challenging math concepts and environmental concerns into a clever narrative . . . Units on penguins and global warming will never be the same.” ?School Library Journal

?It’s the fun of the rapidly multiplying penguin horde that carries the book” ?Chicago Tribune