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Watershed Watch testing results made available to the public, on-line, thanks to a new website, a Data Portal created by Watershed Watch in Kentucky, the Kentucky Geological Survey, and the Kentucky Division of Water. 

Data Splash! 
Watershed Watch leadership introduced our partners to the Data Portal at an event on the Kentucky River.  Representatives from the Kentucky Geological Survey, Kentucky Division of Water, Kentucky State University, Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute at the University of Kentucky, Kentucky River Authority, and Kentucky Sierra Club were on hand to discuss the value of citizen science monitoring and to be introduced to the Data Portal.

In Memoriam
                      Watershed Watch mourns the loss of David Gabbard, 
                             a leader, volunteer, and tireless advocate, 
                                         who died on April 4, 2013.    

                                        Read this tribute by Hank Graddy.  

Old News

Fall 2012 
Land, Air & Water features an article about WWKY's updated volunteer training materials and water quality monitoring protocols.

August 2012
For Stormwater & Wet Weather Sewage Management

March 2012
At a Board meeting at the University of Louisville, Salt River representative Russ Barnett gives presentation about stormwater management projects undertaken by the University of Louisville.  Representatives of River Network and Natural Resources Defense Council participate in planning for Green Infrastructure outreach programs.

October 2011
Board members revisit the Turkeyfoot Middle School in Edgewood, Kentucky, to see updates on green infrastructure installations, energy efficient design, and solar-generated electrical systems.

August 2011
WWKY holds panel discussion on green infrastructure developments in Lexington, Kentucky, and tours the energy efficient, green infrastructure components of the University of Kentucky's Chandler Medical Center.

January 2012-November 2015
With funds from the Kentucky Division of Water, provided under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act, watershed watch updated all training materials and re-trained all trainers and volunteers for water quality monitoring, including field chemistry, grab samples, and biological and habitat assessment.  In addition, watershed watch established a data portal, through which anyone can view data collected by volunteers.

August 2010
Watershed Watch in Kentucky representatives met with the Louisville MSD representatives to review Green Infrastructure projects in Louisville, and toured existing Green Infrastructure facilities in Louisville, including a Green Roof, a Green Building and Porous Pavement. 

July 2010
Six of our eight Local Basins collected over 500 synoptic water sample to b e analyzed for pathogens during July, 2010, with many volunteers re-sampling those site with elevated e coli results. 

January 23 and April 13, 2010
Watershed Watch in Kentucky and NRDC representatives met with Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky to review Green Infrastructure projects in Northern Kentucky

July 2009
Watershed Watch in Kentucky volunteers work with ORSANCO to collect water monitoring samples from 44 Kentucky tributaries into the Ohio River as part of OHIO RIVER ACTION 2009.  


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