• Tarea para el viernes Write one paragraph using the words that you learned in class today, or words that you wrote down from the "VIDA" documentary, looking them up to make sure you have ...
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  • Tarea para el miércoles Vean este video:
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  • Tarea para el miercoles Por favor lean este articulo para el martes. Also, please identify and look up 20 English words that you don't know how to say in Spanish. Add them to ...
    Publicado a las 20 mar. 2012 18:04 por Alison McKellar
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Para leer (to be read)

  • ESTO DEFINIRA EL 2012 Por Jorge Ramos Avalos Enero 2, 2012El continente americano quedará definido en este 2012 por lo que ocurra en las elecciones en Estados Unidos, México, Venezuela y República Dominicana. Pocas veces coincide que ...
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Extra credit noticias

Extra credit worthy questions & comments
Hunter asked a great question about whether or not the Spanish language uses AM and PM when talking about time, or if they have some other system. 
When we were talking about hearing things in English or Spanish that "sound wrong", Teal made an excellent and insightful point about the difference between recognizing statements as wrong because they are untrue as opposed to wrong because they are grammatically problematic. 
Teal was extraordinarily well focused in class, and went to extra lengths to find out whether or not we had homework. She was also the only student that came to class completely prepared. 
Alec had his Facebook page set to español on a random check. 
On a random check, Teal's Facebook was set to ESPAÑOL 
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