The Restoration & Recreational Enhancement of Lake Marion & the Black Earth Creek Corridor


We are graduate students from the Water Resources Management (WRM) program of the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies at UW-Madison.

As part of our program, we are developing a Lake Marion and Black Earth Creek Corridor restoration plan.  We will conduct studies and present options for restoring and improving the quality of Lake Marion and the Black Earth Creek corridor in and adjacent to the Village of Mazomanie.  We will apply knowledge from a range of diverse backgrounds and gain practical experience throughout the process.

At this website, you will find information on the project, a calendar of future events, photos of the project area and of us hard at work, and some useful links.  You will also find our contact information, in case you have comments or questions about the project.

We look forward to working cooperatively with the Village of Mazomanie and other community stakeholders in this year’s project!

~2010 WRMs

WRM Practicum Group 2010

Left to Right, Bottom: Prof. Ken Potter, Samantha Greene,
Barb Gajewski, Vanessa Cottle, Cara Faris,  Andrea Bachrach,
Lauren Brown, Bradley Vowels, Joe Shefchek;  Top: Michelle Balk, Lisa (Yanjiao) Feng, Tina Woblers, David Mosher,
Eresha DeSilva.

Lake Marion 


Lake Marion & Black Earth Creek Report
finalized for printing & available online!

You can now download our report in the Documents tab of this website where it can also be downloaded.  A limited number of printed copies of the report will soon be delivered to the Village of Mazomanie Office. We will send out another announcement when the printed copies will be available.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the project or report. 
Final 2010 WRM Report

Meeting 4 Presentation Recordings 
Now Uploaded to

Meeting Four presentation was recorded.  It took some time to process the video but is now available on the web. Click on the video links below to watch each section of the presentation. A PDF of this presentation is also available for download in the Documents tab under Meeting Four.

Meeting Presentation

Meeting Program

WRM Presentation Part 1 of 7: Introduction

WRM Presentation Part 2 of 7: Lake Marion Water

WRM Presentation Part 3 of 7: Lake Marion Habitat

WRM Presentation Part 4 of 7: Park Planning

WRM Presentation Part 5 of 7: Floodplain

WRM Presentation Part 6 of 7: Funding and Acknowledgements

WRM Presentation Part 7 of 7: Questions