Spring 2011 Presentation Topic Proposals & Agendas

Below are the postings by students in January 2011 that led to their pairing up for presentations. The agendas they created for their presentations can be accessed from the navigation by clicking open the item Spring 2011 Presentation Topic Proposals and Agendas.

Below I have listed the topics and pairings for the presentations as I understood them by the end of yesterday's class. Please let me know if I am incorrect in any of my understandings.

I have also re-ordered the topics in the navigation on the left so that the topics selected are now at the top of the list.

Please go ahead and revise the wordings of the titles to reflect more accurately what each of you are proposing to do and begin to develop ideas for your session on the page for your topic. In class on January 26th we will review what is developing and a draft schedule and talk in general terms about how to shape your sessions.

  • A Case for Integrated Water Resources Management for Angat River: Theresa Fresco and Chema Fernandez
  • Collaborative Groundwater Management in Andhra Pradesh, India - Tim Shah & Erik Blair
  • Water Management in Arid Regions: United Arab Emirates - Hana Galal and Lauren Klose
  • Flood Management in the Context of Integrated Water Resources Management: Netherlands - Mohammadhossein Alipour (Ali) and Dana McDonald
  • Wastewater Management in Urban Slums: Jaclyn Brash and Margaret Morales


Starting from this page please list suggestions for presentation topics that you would like to work on in partnership with one other student. 

Please create a separate page for each topic you want to propose.

To create a page, please click on Create Page (upper right) and on each page
  • give a descriptive title and your name (e.g. Domestic water supply in arid environments: Okanagan Valley - Mary Smith)
  • briefly sketch the topic (i.e. in what ways are you interested in domestic water supply etc)
  • briefly suggest a case study of the topic (i.e. in what ways is the Okanagan a good case study)
  • briefly indicate what you can bring to the topic and case study
When you are done you must click Save (upper right), this then shows you the web page posted

If you want to change what you have written click Edit Page (upper right)