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The perfect water pipe is truly in the eye of the beholder. For some people, this can mean a 20 inch tower bong of percolation power. For some it’s just a small glass bubbler with some funky, colorful accents or a clean dab rig. No matter your style, there are some things you should be looking for in your new water pipe or bong, and this is particularly huge for newbies that are just getting into the game.

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The Slide

If you use a slide with your water pipe, you will definitely need to know its size. This is because bongs in general come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (which works with whatever esthetic you have), and also because they are typically the first thing to break. These can be dropped quite easily (despite TAG’s handy handle built in to most of its slides), and when it breaks, you’re going to need to know how to replace it. Obviously, a 18mm slide is not going to fit a 10mm pipe.

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Bubblers use water, which will cool your smoke for smooth hits and bring down the harshness to your lungs and throat. As mentioned above, these mini-water pipes also use percolation systems that will filter, diffuse and cleanse your smoke to make your smoke as healthy as possible. The combination of water and a quality percolation system will ensure you’re good to go.

There are many different bong styles that will use an ice pinch, which is a tried and true method of cooling the smoke even more after it has passed through the water pipe. Using ice in your glass pipe is a wonderful way to cool hot smoke in order to make it condense and create a more powerful hit while also making it easier for you to inhale. This is especially true for smokers that have sensitive throats or lungs.

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An oil rig or dab rig is a type of concentrate pipe that is used to smoke your legal essential oils, waxes and concentrates. These dab rigs are designed to hold and make use of a nail made from titanium, quartz or glass that are heated with a hand-held torch.

TAG's thickest glass oil rig (10mm)The person that is using an oil rig will dab a small amount of the extract onto the hot nail that will trigger the concentrates to give off a vapor that the smoker will then inhale. Dabbing is done at high temperatures, but the dab rig is not going to create combustion, which will in turn give you a cleaner and more pure inhalation experience.


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