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Safety, maps & river levels

Safety warning!

The Waterloo Wellington Canoe & Kayak Club (WWCKC) is not responsible or liable for how club members or the general public use these maps, or any other information on this website.

Paddling activities can be dangerous and physically demanding. Participating in paddling activities may involve serious injury or death. You must have a high enough level of physical fitness and conditioning to participate in outdoor club activities. The organizer of any WWCKC activity has the right to not allow you to participate if the organizer feels you may risk your own safety, or the safety of others.

On all WWCKC paddles, a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (PFD) must be worn at all times, while on or near the water.

WWCKC strongly recommends you take paddling courses from a licensed or certified instructor.

Always wear a helmet when paddling in strong rapids, or in high water flows.

Wear proper clothing and gear for cooler weather conditions, since even on a warm day, the water temperature can quickly cause hypothermia.

Never paddle alone, and let someone who is not paddling with you know where you are going, and what time to expect you to return.

Do not paddle in flood conditions, and be aware of river water levels before you start. Always first check the river flow data at the Grand River Conservation Authority web site:
or sources of flow data for other rivers.

The main GRCA web page with much valuable information about the Grand River and its watershed:
http://www.grandriver.ca/. The GRCA phone number 519 621-2763. More information about comparative water levels in the Grand River watershed and suitability for canoeing is available by downloading the GRCAWaterLevelscomparison.pdf document.

This page also contains Google Map links to various access points on the local rivers that WWCKC members paddle on, and to other map information available on paddling-related websites.

WWCKC members have shared the map locations here, and if you would like to add more, or if you know of other paddling, camping, hiking, cross country skiing or snowshoeing places that others will find interesting, or if you see errors on the map locations, or broken links, please send an email to Paul Kostiuk pkostiuk@gmail.com.

Grand River

West Montrose to Kaufman

Kaufman to Victoria St

Riverbend to Good Family Trailway

Victoria St to Freeport

Freeport to Blair (Moyers Landing)

Blair to Riverbluffs Park

Blair to Petro Canada on Highway 24 at south end of Galt (Cambridge)

Petro Canada on Highway 24 at south end of Galt (Cambridge) to Glen Morris

Driving route from K-W to Glen Morris, to avoid the traffic in Cambridge.

Glen Morris to Paris

Penman’s Dam in Paris to Gilkison Road in Brantford

Oxbow section south of Brantford. You can paddle 15 km to the take-out, and return to the put-in by walking 1.5 km, with no shuttle required.

Newport Bridge, Brantford to Caledonia,  or on to York

Speed River

Royal City Park in Guelph. You can paddle to Victoria Road, depending on water levels, and return, with no shuttle required.

Silvercreek Park in Guelph. You can paddle to Niska Road, or further.

Niska Road in Guelph, to Black Bridge Road in Cambridge

Nith River

William Scott Park in New Hamburg, you can paddle upstream, and return, with no shuttle required.

New Hamburg to Haysville

Puslinch Lake

Beaver River
Meeting place at the Kimberley General Store, and the paddle from Access Point #1, near Kimberley, to Access Point #4, near Slabtown.

Cherry Beach in Toronto

Bruce County Canoe Routes

North Saugeen River – McCullough Lake to Grey Rd 3

Hamilton Harbour