Loading a Canoe

Several people in our club have struggled with trying to figure out how to load a canoe on your vehicle if you are on your own. Some people in our club have figured out their own creative systems for doing this by purchasing a car of a very reachable height in combination with having a yard fence at just the right height and location to help prop up one end of the canoe while they get the other end on the car.

However, if you can’t get all of these variables together at the right place at the right time, then consider looking into assistive devices designed specifically to help a single person load a canoe his or herself. Usually, these devices are relatively affordable additions to a canoe rack system and, given the independence they create, are well worth the price.

Many outdoor stores will be able to explain to you how these devices work or go to the websites of canoe rack manufacturers such as Thule (www.thule.com) or Yakima (www.yakima.com) to check them out.