Calculate the number of meals and decide on menus for each day. Pack each day or days in a barrel and label them. Dry as much food as possible and eat fresh food on the first day or two depending on the air temperature.

# of Breakfasts ___________
# of Lunches ___________
# of Suppers ___________

Breakfast Ideas:
Cereal/porridge, pancakes, bread, juice, meat and eggs (first/second day), muffins, bagels, dried and fresh fruits, coffee/tea sugar/salt/pepper/spices.

Lunch Ideas:
Pita and bagels, canned meats, vegetables, cheeses, fruits, cookies, chocolate, flavour crystal drinks.

Trail mix/gorp, power/fruit bars, chocolate, fruit, biscuits, cereal bars and other indulgences

Dinner Ideas:
Dried food is a good solution. Also see the Recipes page for ideas.