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About Us

Paddling is more fun with friends!

WWCKC Mandate

The Waterloo Wellington Canoe & Kayak Club is a volunteer not-for-profit sporting organization blending the experience of the outdoors within a social setting. The focus is the enjoyment of canoeing, kayaking, camping, skiing, snow-shoeing and other outdoor activities, while preserving the canoe routes and wilderness areas of Ontario. Our members participate in planning and providing activities such as whitewater or flatwater canoeing and kayaking, or cross-country skiing. Through the efforts of our membership the club seeks to embrace the challenge of wilderness adventure throughout the various seasons.

If you have additional questions or would like more information, email
wwccpresident@yahoo.ca or tim.e.grant@gmail.com.

Have suggestions or comments about our website or newsletter, contact Tim Grant tim.e.grant@gmail.com.

Visit the WWCKC photo sharing site for pictures of recent and previous activities, or trips by WWCKC members.

Paddling activities include Tuesday evening paddles close to home, courses on flat, moving or white water and weekend or even week-long trips. Paddling takes place April to November, with other outdoor activities during the winter months, including hikes, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and presentations related to canoeing and kayaking.

If you enjoy paddling, please consider joining our group. If you are not sure, you can join us for a first paddle at no cost.

Check out our Activities Calendar and contact the trip coordinator. Additions and changes will be noted on the website, so we recommend that members keep an eye on it.

Membership in 2018-2019 is $30 for an individual or $45 for a family. Membership is for one year, beginning on October 1 and ending on September 30 of the following year. For more information see the Membership Application/Renewal page.


To make available low cost canoeing, kayaking, and other activities for its members.
To improve members' skills through making available skill development courses and workshops.
To provide interesting adventures with competent leadership.
To preserve the environment through adherence to no-trace camping, and through volunteering.
To promote an appreciation of the environment and safety within its activities.

The club does not own equipment such as canoes and kayaks, nor do we have a clubhouse. But members without a canoe can be matched to go on a paddle with a member who does have a canoe, or they can rent a canoe or kayak for the excursion.

Often members join before they have a boat of their own and by paddling in different boats, they decide what equipment best suits their needs. Some people have belonged for years without owning a boat, so it may work out for you to join even if you don't have a canoe or kayak.

WWCKC Board 2018 - 2019

Jeri-Lynn Catton (wwccpresident@yahoo.ca)
Vice President
Till Segler
Allan Bunn
Don McMurtry / Brenda Davis
Allan Bunn
Tim Grant
Tim Grant / Till SeglerDon McMurtry
Brenda Davis
Jessica Fleet 
Jessica Fleet
Past President
Gary Johnston

How You Can Help the Club

Our club always needs volunteers and there are lots of ways you can help. For example, some people organize trips--Tuesday night paddles in the summer, all-day river explorations in the spring, multi-day lake trips in the autumn and winter weekend retreats.

Every year we also need a group of eight to ten people to form the Board to formally manage the affairs of the club. There is plenty to do, for example:
  • Managing the membership
  • Communicating with club members and the general public about upcoming activities
  • Inviting guest speakers
  • Arranging training courses
  • Editing the newsletter & the website

Waterloo-Wellington Canoe & Kayak Club Policies Page