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For this term's rocketry competition, we will be relying on OpenRocket in order to design our fins. I have included the open rocket Java file that can simply be double clicked to open, however, Sigma Rockets' OR file has gone missing, so tomorrow I will get accurate measurements with a caliper and provide an OR file for you all, so you can accurately run simulations with the software.



-Unfortunately, my computer hasn't been able to run OpenRocket effectively, here's the rocket dimensions:
Length: 45.9 cm
Outer Diameter: 32.9mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Approximate Length of Nose: 8 cm

We will be using B6-6 Model Rocket Engines; the manufacturer is Estes.

Upcoming Events

Astronomy Bonfire (July 4th, 2014)

So we had an awesome night on Friday; there were lots of s'mores, and even more stars!

A big thanks to David DeVries of the Astronomy Club for bringing his telescope as well as leading everyone through our celestial sight-seeing.

Here's a picture that one of our members took through a telescope, really fantastic view!

Stay tuned for more events like this, and if you aren't a part of our mailing list, send us an e-mail at wss.main.mail@gmail.com

Our Model Rocketry Competition is happening August 2nd at 12PM (subject to change, stay updated!), which will be followed by another astronomy night and bonfire (s'mores + sausages this time!). Check back here, or get on the mailing list to get more updates on this!

Waterloo Space Society

WSS also is the parent society of six sub-teams.

This is a group of students dedicated to training it's member to be astronauts. 

Check out our promo video:

WSS WATC recruitment

3) Stargazers

This is the astronomy branch of the Waterloo Space Society; 
our mission is to bring the night sky experience to the student body and general public. We hold observing sessions at the Waterloo Park bandshell, at the KW-RASC dark site, and provide talks on amateur astronomy theory. 


5) WatSat

WatSat is a micro satellite design team at the University of Waterloo associated with the Waterloo Space Society. As part of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge we intend to design and build a micro satellite. The team is composed of undergrad students from all faculties, and have submitted their first microsatellite for CSDC testing in May 2014.

A team of students designing a Mars rover to be entered into the University Rover Challenge.

Here is their promo video:

WSS Mars Rover Team


"The University of Waterloo Space Transport Advanced Research Team (UWSTART) is a large-scale, hands-on design project involving the design, building and operating of a Space Elevator as part of the Spaceward Foundation's Climber Competition. In this project, there are limitless possibilities from across the board, regardless of your field.  Subsystems include Laser Guidance and Tracking, Mechanical Structure design, Motor control, Power Management, Embedded Microprocessor Software Design, Wireless Communication and more."

6) Waterloo Rocketry Team

The Waterloo Rocketry Team (WRT) is a new engineering team that plans to enter the 2011 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition held in Utah every year in June. It is the first time a team from the University of Waterloo has ever competed in any rocket competition, and we strive to achieve the same high performance that Waterloo teams are known for. The goal of the competition is to make a rocket with a 10lb payload and send it to an altitude of exactly 10,000ft. We will design, build, test, and launch the rocket ourselves, and we hope WRT will continue this tradition into future years