Resume Builder

Though this section targets co op and internship students (engineering), it can also be applied to applicants who are applying for full time position.






1) Steps for installing firestarter (fire wall) on Ubuntu 5.10   

2) Shell Scripting with Linux/Unix 

3) Shell Scripting with Linux/Unix ( Part 2)

4) Mathematical Software( Plotting 2-D graphs in Mathcad)

5) Artificial Intelligence

6) Computer Security ( Bell LaPadula Model)

7) Critical Essay and Analysis Part 1.

8) Critical Essay and Analysis Part 2

9) Fun With Pointers in C++

10) Explicit and Implicit DLL Linking

11) VirtualFunctions C++




Resume is advertising you and your potential to prospective employers. It is a very critical and an important tool that needs to be nurished, given thought and to let it mature. The first and the most important impression, employers get about you is through the resume and it is this which decides, whether they need to meet you for an interview or not.

The question now is how can you polish and build your resume so that it helps you stand apart from the fierce and competitive crowd. A simple Google search will yield a great deal of excellent information on how to write solid resumes. This guide hopefully through the collective experience gained will intend to fulfill a similar goal in presenting a simple and easy to follow resume builder ideas.

The vital and crucial components that go in every resumeare:

1) Full Name

2) Complete mailing address

3) Phone number ( dont forget your area code)

4) Technical Summary/ Technical Expertise:  Try to be brief here and dont go overboard. This should present a short message of your experience, relevant qualifications (related to the job you applying). Focus should be on how your skills can be used to the best of abilities and be beneficial to the job you applying. Mention specific skills like you know C++, Java , .NET, C# or have used libraries from other apps such as Matlab, Mathcad in designing a win32 application.

5) Work Experience/Work History: Emphasize and bring forward if you have contributed in any unique fasion at your previous work terms which had a significant impact.

Optional Material on Resume

It all boils down to what kind of job you applying and these sections may or may not apply. For co op students and internship students, these sections are normally not included or considered.

1) Personal Data

2) Hobbies/ Interests

3) References ( should be considered if it is a full time position)