CS 8803 AIA Paper 2

Title: Sleepers and Workaholics: Caching Strategies in Mobile Environments.

This is week 2, paper critique.


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CS8803 Course Reading Summaries
Paper #: 5.2 19
Title: Sleepers and Workaholics: Caching Strategies
in Mobile Environments. Daniel Barbara, Tomasz 
Imielinski,VLDB Journal 4(4): 567-602(1995). 

Caching of frequently accessed data items will be
critical procedure that will reduce contention on 
the narrow bandwidth channel and low processing power
 of the network as mobile devices have a tendency to
 disconnect from a network frequently, due to power 
saving and short battery life. The authors of the 
paper with these problems try to put forward a 
solution so that mobile devices continue to receive 
up to date data and can use network resources for
 maximizing their query runtime.

The author of the paper presents to the reader three
 solutions to the problems. The first solution put 
forward by the author is the idea of timestamps. 
After a certain time period the server checks if 
the information needs any updating and if it does,
 it fetches the current upto date information. 
The author then presents the Amnesic Terminals, in 
which items that have changed since the last 
invalidation report are notified by the server. 
Lastly, the simple idea of checksum is presented by 
the author. Here a checksum is performed on the 
current and the latest data. If the checksum differs, 
this means that the current data is not upto date 
with the latest data and hence a synch is required 
on the current data. A great deal of mathematical 
analysis is presented for scenarios in which of the 
above mentioned procedure will be relevant. 

On hindsight writing critiques in 2009 for the paper
 that was written in 1995, one can definitely come 
up with a lot of obvious weaknesses in the paper. 
The state of the network now in 2009 is much more 
sophisticated and robust with a wide range of video
 intensive applications such as YouTube and Hulu 
being extensively used by users. This was not the 
case in 1995 and hence the author lays a lot of 
emphasis on network bandwidth and network processing
 power. The mobile devices themselves have been 
greatly improved with IPhone having 32GB of storage
 capacity and hence the idea of caching on these 
devices periodically is not a major challenge any more.