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What is the Bell LaPadula model?

The Bell LaPadula model was developed by David Elliot Bell and Len La Padula. This model was primarily used in the military ( USA military). Security lables or layers were divided such that the highest level was Topmost Secret and the least or the lowest layer was called unclassified or public.

It was made up such that:

1) A set of subjects

2) A set of objects

3) Access Control Matrix

Objects are a set of entities in a computer security system that needs to be protected. Subjects are set of active entities in a computer security. The access control matrix specifies the kinds of rights and access a subject is allowed to have and possess with regard to the object.

The restrictions imposed on the Bell LaPadula Model are:

reading down: A subject has read access to objects and subjects below its security level. The reason for this is, subject cannot read any sensitive information above its clearance level.

writing up: A subject can only write to above its security level as this prevents any unauthorized information from being written and passed to security level below.

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