Steps for installing Firestarter (fire wall) on Ubuntu   

Just as it is easy for turing on and turning off windows fire wall in windows xp home and windows xp pro, firestarter provides the same ease of simplicity to linux. 


Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for linux machines. It has a very easy wizard with few clicks you can stealth your machine providing restricted access. Ports can be opened and closed easily. 




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To install a firewall on Ubuntu 5.10 is really simple and easy. 

1)  Click on Applications->Add Applications

2) You will be asked for the root password. 

3) You will now be presented with the Synaptic Package Manager. The SPM is used for searching debian packages and software. The list of software that it searches depends on what is enabled from the /etc/apt/sources.list file.  

In the search box enter fire starter. Fire starter is the name of the fire wall available for Ubuntu.

 4) Right click firestarter and mark it for installation and click on apply. 

5) Congratulations! Firestarter is available by clicking on 

Applications->System Tools