Harney Rockers- Crane Union High School Physical Science Class

Harney county is a high desert in Eastern Oregon that only receives 11 inches of precipitation per year [on average] compared to Western Oregon that receives 32 inches per year [on average]. We chose this project because of the on-going drought conditions that have restricted the number of water permits issued for drilling wells for crop production in the Harney Basin. As a result of this action, our county’s economy may be in jeopardy. It is our desire to maintain our way of life by understanding aquifer and watershed health.  We feel that creating a geological map will better help our community plan for water conservation.


About the schools:

Crane Union High School was established in 1920 to educated the youth in the southern half of Harney County.  Crane Union High School has one of the few public dormitories left in the nation.  The dorm is home to some students who live more than 2 hours away. Students who attend CUHS are from rural school districts.  They are Diamond, Frenchglen, Fields, Double O, Suntex, Drewsey, Pine Creek. 

Burns is it's own district consisting of Slater Elementary, Hines Middle School, and Burns High School.

Silvies River Charter School is an online school under Frenchglen School District.

Project Partners:

  • Harney County School Districts
    • Crane Elementary
    • Slater Elementary
    • Frenchglen
    • Diamond
    • Double O
    • Silvies River Charter School
    • Suntex
  • Portland State University- Dr. Michael Cummings, Geology Professor of Emeritus
  • Oregon Water Resources Dept.- Darrick Boschmann
  • Harney County Water Resources Dept.- Dally Swindlehurst
  • Hard-working landowners

SchoolDescriptionDue DateComplete
Crane Elementary Get permission from well owners October 31, 2015  
Diamond School Get permission from well owners October 31, 2015  
Double O and Silvies River Charter Get permission from well owners October 31, 2015  
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