Run Your Car On Water 

Beat the High Gas prices

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"Drive Around Using Water As Fuel -

Laugh At Rising Gas Prices..."

Did you know that you can convert your car or truck to a water-burning vehicle?

It's true.

You no longer have to pay OUTRAGEOUS gas prices,

and you can stop global warming at the same time.

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Water 4 Gas - An Overview Of What It Is, And How It Works...

While it may be unbelievable to some, the technology now exists to convert any car to a water-burning vehicle. Water is supplemental to gasoline and diesel fuel, which makes it VERY EASY to extract energy from water and run your car on it. And as a fuel, water is far more efficient than the regular gas you normally put in your car.

You see, with regular gas you normally use, your car’s engine only uses 20% of the energy stored in that expensive fuel. The other 80% is wasted into heat, pollution (unburned fuel!) and vibration.

Watch This Video For More Information

As the video shows, this type of technology has been around for years, but it is only very recently (around the start of 2008) that people have actually invented devices that let you use water as gas for any regular car.

Water is a very powerful fuel. Moreover, with the system you're about to discover, very little water is actually needed in order to run your car for mile after mile. Click here for more info.

What kind of results can you expect? Well, road tests have shown to possibly double your mileage. And that's just the beginning...

As you've probably already realized, another HUGE benefit of using water as fuel is that you no longer contribute to global warming and the burning of fossil fuels.

Here's just some of the benefits you get by using water as fuel...

Double your mileage and save money!
Save the planet and stop burning fossil fuels
Reduce carbon emissions
Reduce your engine temperature
In some cases, get better engine performance (click here for more info)

So How Exactly Do You Make Your Car Run On Water?

Well, it's a lot easier than you think. The good news is that you only need a few inexpensive parts (maybe $200 or less worth) and 10 to 30 minutes of your time to install everything. It's dead simple, actually. Even if you're not technical, you can still do this, otherwise you can just get your mechanic to do it for you.

Special materials, parts, techniques, and procedures needed to follow to make a highly efficient water-fuel solution. Water4 Gas website and the manual offers plenty detailed information.

Despite several animators came out after Water4Gas, Water4Gas remains the most popular gas-saving conversion manual. No other manuals provide the kind of on-going customer support as Water4Gas (phone, forum, and email). I emailed and called the company several times in my process of evaluating the system, Water4Gas crew kindly answered my questions.

From the manual, you can access to Water4Gas's Help Desk. The Help Desk contains a knowledge base which answers hundreds of questions asked by users on installing and testing the system.

Summary: Water4Gas is the most popular and most tested water-gas hybrid system. The author and his mechanics have spent many hours in research, testing, and fine-tuning parts and techniques to make this hydrogen-on-demand system working perfectly. The system works for cars to trucks. The manual and two bonus books contain many valuable gas-saving tips. You can read several free sample chapters of the manual from its website.

Think about it. A tiny initial investment can save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in fuel costs per year, not to mention save the planet at the same time...