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Water Drive
Over the past two years, homes in the Woodlands Area of Connoquenessing Township, Butler County in Pennsylvania have experienced deteriorating water quality. Twelve families were receiving water deliveries from a natural gas operator until February of 2012 when their supply of fresh and safe drinking water was cut off.

Since then, volunteers from local communities, churches, and civic groups have been have been sharing the responsibilities of weekly water collections and distribution to supply safe drinking water to the Woodlands residents.

The number of affected families continues to grow. 34 families who cannot drink the water in their homes, nor safely cook, bathe or wash clothes with it, now come to the water bank.  About 500 gallons are needed each week to provide 20 or 25 gallons to the average family.  This still falls short of what the Red Cross considers the minimum required for an emergency -- 2 gallons per person per day.

If you wish to help us, you can...

  • Purchase more water.  See Donations on the right below.
  • Help a family have water for bathing, laundry, etc.  Click on the Adopt A Family listing on the left.
  • Help load water into residents' vehicles at the water bank.  Please sign up for a few hours on a Monday.  (AM or PM). You can bring a friend, too. Click  VOLUNTEER  below.
Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated. You will be helping to provide our neighbors with life's most basic need ~~~ water. 

Please feel free to email us at the address below.
For information or questions,  email:


~ Volunteer ~
Volunteers are needed to help load water into residents' vehicles
from the water bank located at
 White Oak Springs Presbyterian Church
Click below to sign up for a time

Contaminated Well Water

 Some w
ell water
from the Woodlands.
Other water has become
purple or black.

  ~~~ Thank You ~~~

~ Donations ~

Monetary Donations can be sent to :

Water for Woodlands

c/o White Oak Springs Presbyterian Church

102 Shannon Road
Renfrew, PA 16053