About Us

VIETA is a non-political, non-profit, volunteer organization. 

Members of VIETA consist of several management executives of Fortune 500, award winning researchers and professors, experienced economists, engineers, successful business men and women, ranking government officials, et cetera. VIETA members are currently living in many countries across the world. Some members are still in active in their particular fields of expertise. Others are enjoying their retirements but still very eager to share their experiences and knowledge. Common distinctiveness of members is that they are of Vietnam origin and all went to Japan to study mostly in major universities. Members share common goal which is to use their experiences and connections to help to improve the living standard of the Vietnamese people.

VIETA is operating under the umbrella of FoodAid Compassion


FoodAid Compassion  is trying to improve  the drinking water quality in Vietnam through WATER FILTRATION PROGRAM managed by VIETA and its members and friends. 

A Project of VIETA 
  1. The purpose of the project is to produce drinking water that meets or exceeds WHO (World Health Organization) Guidelines at affordable costs for the low income users.
  2. Any filtration system that can reliably produce drinking water that meets or exceeds WHO Guidelines with low start-up and overall costs may be considered.
  3. Roles of VIETA are to provide funding, at its own discretion, and to provide technical guidance to those interested in becoming the owners of water filtration stations providing that the owners are willing and capable to satisfy VIETA operating principles and guidelines.
  4. VIETA is also to provide education to the community on short and long-term importance of clean water on life quality.
  5. Managing, maintenance and legal liabilities for stations rest with station owners.
  6. VIETA funding comes from donations from VIETA members and friends. VIETA also welcomes donations from any caring individuals and organizations.
  7. VIETA's main responsibility to the donors is to ensure that their donations will be used for the stated purposes.