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SPECIAL NEWS (August 21, 2014)

FoodAid Compassion / VIETA Selected
Beneficiary of CPP 2014-2015


FoodAid Compassion & VIETA was selected as one of the three finalists to be invited to the 11th annual meeting of  the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA) which was held at Hilton Anatole, Dallas, Texas, on July 24-27, 2014. At this conference, Prof. Nang Tran,  presented FoodAid/VIETA’s proposal on building stations of   WHO quality drinking water for at least  two schools and one hospital  in VN  to a large audience of conference attendees who would vote on the winner. Result of the selection was  announced  at the gala on July 26; and FoodAid/VIETA was fortunate to be selected as the beneficiary of  the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) 2014-2015.


For more information, please visit UNAVSA’s website at

The administration team of Water Filtration Project (WFP) expressed our deepest gratitudes to members of UNAVSA for their selections and trusts. 

The team welcomes all UNAVSA members to our website. In honor of UNAVSA and in celebration of the selection, the WFP team  re-released the video titled "The Celebration of Trung Vuong Station"

Note: the first 35 seconds of the video have no audio

Trung Vuong Water Station Celebration

We are looking forward to more celebrations as additional stations and facilities are built in the near future thanks to fundings from UNAVSA

For additional info, please visit

Video Responses 
FoodAid Compassion / VIETA

FoodAid Compassion / VIETA applied for grant from UNAVSA 
to build high quality water filtration stations in Vietnam.

Selection process requires applying organizations 
to submit video responses to five (5) questions from UNAVSA.

The following video clip shows FoodAid Compassion / VIETA's
responses through
University of Minnesota

Video Responses from FoodAid to UNAVSA

  • With great pleasure, VIETA announces that Dr. Lois Vietri has agreed to join the Advisory Board of Water Filtration Program (WFP). As key member of the Board, Dr. Vietri will provide guidance and oversights to the Fund Administration Team.
Dr. Vietri, a life long prominent philanthropist, has devoted her efforts to promote education, entrepreneurship, and leadership development programs for girls and women in economically challenged communities in Vietnam.Dr. Vietri taught at University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, for almost 27 years until her recent retirement. Currently, Dr. Vietri is Executive Director at Women’s Empowerment and Voice (WEAV), a non-profit organization.

Dr. Vietri with her experience in managing non-profit organization will be invaluable to WFP.Welcome on “BOARD”, Dr. Vietri!

Dr. Vietri (in black jacket) handing out grant to Vietnamese businesswomen 

Pls allow us to share with this heart touching speech from Dr. Vietri in Mekong Delta on December 16, 2012


I love Vietnam and I love to learn.

I found a way to weave together those two passions: by establishing a non-profit organization, Women’s Empowerment and Voice and launching it in Vietnam!

Launching WEAV today, here in the Mekong Delta, takes me on a new stage of my journey in Vietnam…a journey that began over 20 years ago.  In 1990 my quest to be a dedicated student of Vietnam unfolded…I came here first as a professor… I made countless friends and colleagues all over Vietnam…many friends for life….I engaged with some of the best students ever!

My fondest, most thrilling adventures, however, were in the Mekong Delta!!!!!

We are at Can Tho University.  Our group of business trainers just finished three weeks of intensive workshops in Ha Noi, Da Nang, Sai Gon, and the Mekong Delta.. We are standing on the stage of an ampitheatre……It is a cavernous venue…There are maybe 200, 300 people in the audience.  It is July 15, 1993.  It is my 45th birthday. We complete our training session to much applause! All of a sudden I am standing alone on the stage! I hear singing: “Happy Birthday to you…..

From stage right comes a young man with roses for me. 

From stage left, a woman with an enormous bouquet of flowers…and then there are other gifts….

I have never, ever in my life been so overcome with such joy!!!!  This was the most special time of my professional life.

I still feel this magic in the retelling of this story…This morning I can feel magic in the air again…

Now that I have returned to this precious delta with WEAV… to weave my love of learning with my deep desire to be part of Vietnam again, to be part of what girls and women of the Mekong Delta can do for their family, their community, and their nation.

This morning at Thanh Hoa Junior High School, WEAV is pleased to award 30 scholarships to so that girls can succeed as junior and senior high school students.

In another ceremony later today, WEAV will award loans so that Delta women can launch local businesses.

But now, let the real celebration begins as these 30 worthy girls receive their much deserved scholarships.

  • In June of 2012, Mrs. Lien Hoa Vu, a former Vietnamese student studying in Japan (Exryu) and a respected figure in the charity community, had made a month-long trip to Vietnam. During her visit, she participated in a jewelry show in Ha Noi to raise funds, ribbon-cutting ceremonies for several new bridges in Ca Mau province and a vocational training facility in TPHCM. 

    Mrs. Lien Hoa is a co-manager for Vietnam operations for FoodAid Compassion, a respected not-for-profit organization dealing with water, hunger and disease worldwide. 

    Despite being so busy, Mrs. Lien Hoa Vu is also supporting WFP as our treasurer. 

    Mrs. Lien Hoa Vu is an inspiration for all of us who deeply care to make life better for the people of our motherland.

    For those who understand Vietnamese, may we suggest you to read the "LIEN HOA STORY" article on VOV

Mrs. Lien Hoa Vu in purple Vietnamese traditional dress at the jewelry show in Ha Noi 
Exryu Lien Hoa visited Son La with Exryu Tuyen

Attending opening ceremony of Dai Bi bridge 

Distributing gifts to school students

Teaching how to make jewelry

Tin tức bằng Việt ngữ sẽ phát hành trong tương lai gần đây