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North Side

Two waterfalls on the north side of Blackheath are perhaps the highest waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. These are Govetts Leap (also known as Bridal Veil Falls) and the nearby Horseshoe Falls. Unlike the waterfalls of Wentworth Falls, Leura and Katoomba these two waterfalls do not hit the half-way ledge.

Govetts Leap (Bridal Veil Falls)

Horseshoe Falls

These waterfalls are on Popes Glen Creek

This waterfall is very similar in appearance to Govetts Leap. It is also very close to Govetts leap Lookout, on the western side. Once known as Left Hand Falls. Also called Piguenits Falls.

The underside of the waterfall can be reached by the Jungle Circuit Track. This track is no longer maintained and is quite overgrown.

Govetts Leap and Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls are on the right

Taylor Falls

Above Horseshoe Falls are the small Taylor Falls, also known as Govetts Cascades.

Un-named Waterfall

These are further along than Horseshoe Falls and only flow after heavy rain

This photos shows the Un-named Falls, Horseshoe Falls and the distant Govetts Leap

Lower Falls

Govetts Leap Brook

I don't know if this waterfall has a name

Popes Glen Creek

Jungle Falls

Trinity Falls 

Just above the junction with Govetts Ck. The waterfall is in three parts. Reached by a short side track.

Cascades near Junction Rock in the combined creeks

Waterfalls in Greaves Creek

Beauchamp Falls

Beauchamp Falls was named in 1899 for the then Governor of NSW, William Lygon, 7th Earl of Beauchamp; it was previously known as Blackheath Falls

Popes Falls

John Harris Falls

Bettington Falls (also known as Gem Falls)

Foy Falls

Campbells Falls

This is the waterfall where the track crosses the creek. It is a series of small waterfalls and cascades.

Looking upstream - possibly at the bottom of Bettington Falls

Middle part of Campbells Falls

More cascades in Campbells Falls

Lower Waterfall - This one has no name?

Lower Waterfall - This one has no name?

Govetts Creek above the junction with Greaves Creek

Arethusa Falls

The waterfall at the end of Arethusa Canyon

Vida Falls

The waterfall at the end of Alpheus Canyon

Medusa Falls

About 200 m downstream of Arethusa Falls

Blackwall Glen in Govetts Creek

St Andrews Falls

Silver Cascades

Lilian Falls

I am not sure which waterfall this is - it is perhaps the second waterfall above Hilary Falls

Hilary Falls

100 m above Edenberry Falls

(see Blue Mts Echo, 13 Nov 1909, p12 for the order of waterfalls above Edenberry Falls)

Edenderry Falls

On Govetts Ck, about 800 m above the Greaves Creek junction.

Lillian Cascades

Lower down on Govetts Creek along Rodriguez Pass

Other Waterfalls

Gossamer Falls

This is the same as Hayward Gully Falls, where Hayward Gully flows over the cliffs

Fortress Falls

Waterfall at the end of Fortress Creek Canyon.

Hat Hill Falls

At the end of Hat Hill Canyon, where the creek flows through the clifflike

Teazing Fall 

Is higher in the Hat Hill catchment, in a small tributary of Hat Hill Creek

South Side

Centennial Falls

High in Centennial Glen

Waterfall in Centennial Glen Canyon (The Grotto)

Slippery Dip Falls

This is the lower waterfall in Centennial Glen

This has been called Slippery Dip Falls (Painter)