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The term "water conservation" is often overused and misconstrued.

An idea that has been contemplated for hundreds of years, water conservation is not a new topic. However, the purpose of our project was not to reiterate facts about water conservation on the Earth, but to stress the importance that HERE on Oahu where we LIVE, we have a finite supply of water that is being used faster than it can be replenished!

Water conservation is not just a topic that we read about or something we believe will take place in the distant future; the threat of water depletion is REAL, and active measures of water conservation need to be taken NOW!

A lot of times it's hard to think about the future, especially when it's a topic we believe our generation 'won't have to worry about', but here on Oahu we need to consider this question:

If we completely deplete our aquifer, what will be left for future generations?

The water supply we have today may not be available for them tomorrow.

With this in mind, we took it upon ourselves to look into the water conservation
in Oahu.
Contest entries submitted to the Board of Water Supply, for a "Water Conservation Contest."