"Your breath is so bad you made my ears numb!" Which doesn't even make sense but makes him cackle every time he says it...and he says it a LOT.

If you're not in the mood to play the "Your mimicking me!” “STOP mimicking me!" game ad-nauseum, then do NOT purchase this movie for your kids. Don't even show them the trailer for it. In fact, if you don't enjoy the classic Doody joke: "You really have to watch were you step in the Hero's Duty game!"...then don’t even let your kids hang out with other kids who’ve seen the movie.

Luckily, our family revels in low-brow humor and video games (It’s the two things in this world my sons love more than their parents) so Wreck-It Ralph was a huge winner with us!

The references to vintage video games made me and my husband laugh, then stop short when we realized how much of our childhood was wasted for quarters.

John C. Reilly voiced Ralph brilliantly, making him the lovable villain. I was able to have a great teachable moment when my oldest son said, “Mommy, Ralph is the bad guy, but he seems really nice.” “That’s because people aren’t bad, they just, sometimes, do bad things. When you poured your bubbles all over the steps and I slipped down them on my butt, you did a bad thing…but you certainly aren’t a bad person!”