Watch Planes Online When Disney announced their once direct-to-video animated film “Planes” was actually destined for the big screen, no one expected it could actually be good. Billed as being “from above the world of ‘Cars’” – but not actually a Pixar-produced movie – “Planes” was sputtering from the beginning. And when well-liked lead voice actor Jon Cryer was replaced by adult comedian Dane Cook, expectations truly took a nose dive. But somehow, DisneyToon Studios managed to pull together a movie that looks almost as good as anything Pixar has created, featuring enough laughs and likable characters to warrant its big screen release.

Watch Planes Online The first half of “Planes” is horribly derivative. It’s like watching “Cars” with “Planes.” There’s the lead plane, Dusty Crophopper, who wants to be in a big race. He’s in a middle-of-nowhere rural town, wanting to break free into stardom. He’s got a best friend truck, Chug, who’s not all there but still makes a great pal. He eventually finds guidance under a gruff old retired plane, Skipper, whose own backstory and motivation comes as a surprise to everyone. And there’s the bad plane, Ripslinger, green in color, full of himself and determined to stop Dusty. Now substitute “plane” for “car” along with Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, and Chick Hicks for Dusty, Chug,

Watch Planes Online Fortunately, somewhere along the production flight path somebody realized that “Planes” needed to be its own film. So around halfway through the movie,