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“I seem scary most of the time, but the truth is, I’m terrified.”

Forget about “Animal House”. Forget about “St. Elmo’s Fire”. Forget even about 2008’s film, “college”. THIS is the real “college experience” film.

“Monsters University” (aka: “Monsters U”) is the prequel to “Monsters Inc”, essentially an origin story of everyone’s two favorite scarers. With an emphasis on Mike Wazowski, this film shows what happens when two unlikely people… erm, monsters… give it their all to beat the odds and, not only win the hearts of everyone that told them they couldn’t do it, but also become friends in the process.MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

Does this story sound familiar? Of course it does—it’s the underdog story that everyone has heard a thousand times before! It’s “The Odd Couple” meets “Rudy”. So, why should you pay any attention to this particular film?

Simply put: “Monsters University” is one of the most realistic college experiences shown in any fictional film.

Let’s start off with the look of “Monsters University”. Pixar sent their people out to collect images of campuses and campus life alike in order to give the most realistic look of the buildings and fraternity houses. Add in the professors, who can, on occasion, be understanding, show preferential treatment, and even be impressed by those who do the honest hard work. Mike gives a good example of just how MUCH hard work there is when it comes to studying for college