Man of Steel, possibly the tallest of all the studio's summer tentpole blockbusters, broke box office records in its opening weekend, making over $125 million and becoming the biggest June opening ever. However, Man of Steel seems to be one of those films that polarizes audiences and critics, earning a 55 percent "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Tomatometer-wise, that puts Man of Steel in the same company as the first Transformers movie (which earned 57 percent), marking the beginning of a franchise popular with fans but increasingly despised by critics who say it epitomizes the dumbing down of America and has cemented director/producer Michael Bay as one of Hollywood's most hated directors.

Man of Steel isn't Transformers-grade bad, though it ends with the sort of overly-loud, overly-long CG destruction-fest that would be right at home in a Transformers film. But my biggest problem with Man of Steel is one that has kept me from liking Superman my whole life -- that a superhero with godlike powers and unimpeachable morals is very difficult to relate to or empathize with. And it doesn't help when that superhero looks like his real identity crisis is whether to be a bodybuilder or a fashion model. Watch my ReThink Review of Man of Steel below (transcript following).

I found him rather unrelateable. But if anyone could bring Superman into the real world for a modern audience, the best team you could ask for would be Christopher and Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer, the masterminds behind the Dark Knight films, and Zack Snyder, a director who specializes in seamlessly combining actors and digital effects.