When he was 17 years old, Gary King was The King of his set of mates in Newton Haven, leading them on an unsuccessful attempt to hit all twelve pubs in a one-night crawl as adulthood arrived. The King’s friends grew up and moved on, but it’s been all downhill since for Gary. Twenty years later, he shows up in his friends’ lives out of the blue to re-enact that last act of defiant youth, and somehow convinces them do to it. But the town of Newton Haven has changed a lot since they left — and it’s not just their famous organic farming, either. Will the Five Musketeers make it to the twelfth pub known as the World’s End — and will that actually be the end of the world?

I missed The World’s End two weeks ago when it first hit the theaters, and I somehow missed the trailers, too. My best friend since high school lives on my street, but we don’t get together often enough these days, so I suggested that he and I go see the film yesterday when both of us were in town at the same time. That turned out to be an ideal combination to see the latest absurdist film from the producers of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It’s the perfect film to see with old friends, especially for those who really love a good laugh at the thought of reliving one’s youth and, er, becoming Starbucks-ized pod people. But I get ahead of myself…

The World’s End might be the most hilarious film since There’s Something About Mary. Since I didn’t know anything about the film, the major plot twist midway took me by complete surprise, and I found myself repeating the same “WTF?”